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Feb 23, 2007 07:39 AM

Marcella misprint?

In my version of the classic italian... Marcella's recipe states 125g flour with 2 large eggs - all other recipes i have read from other sources use at least 80g flour/egg, which for me works better, Marcella's recipe is way too eggy/sticky? Is it a misprint?? Or do you folks manage with it??

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  1. Many cookbooks have misprints so it could be. On some of the recipe problems I've had with ingredient amounts, I've e-mailed the publisher and actually gotten responses back from them or the author providing a correction.

    1. When you break it down, that's only a difference of a little over 2 tablespoons of flour less for the full amount. Don't think it's a mis-print. Possibly just a slightly eggier dough.

      I assume you're talking about a pasta dough recipe.

      1. any dough recipe usually has wiggle-room for the flour, depending on the humidity of the room and the moisture content of the flour. always start with a bit less than stated and add little bits til it gets to the consistency you want.

        1. The recipe I most often use is 3 cups of flour to 4 eggs, and I don't always use all 3 cups, sometimes just 2 2/3 cups. It's Lidia's recipe, but it's rarely too sticky. It could be the size of your eggs too... lately it seems the "large" eggs at the grocery store are either huge or look more like "small" eggs.

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            Large eggs will be 24 oz. per dozen. Small eggs will be 18 oz. per dozen.