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Feb 23, 2007 07:32 AM

Any restaurants serve whole wheat pasta?

Does anyone know if any restaurants in Metro Boston area serve whole wheat pasta? Are they any good? Pasta is a weakness of mine, but I figure if I can find somewhere that I could indulge w/out feeling guilty, life would be good.

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  1. the new City Slickers cafe will do their pasta dishes with whole wheat spaghetti. It's owned by the former owner of Urban Gourmet. I'm usually wary of whole wheat pasta, and I've only tried theirs after holding it in the fridge overnight. I'm a fan of CS in general, but not educated enough to have a pasta opinion in this case.

    This post is probably going the be RSS only: 3... 2... 1...

    1. I recently saw that the Avenue Grille on Dot. Av. does have that option for their pasta dishes. Food is pretty good there. A fairly varied menu. Short wine list, but decent and cheap. They try real hard.

      1. The single pasta option on the West Side Lounge menu has recently been served with wholewheat pasta--beef ragu over fettucine at the moment. Looks good, but I haven't tried it.

        1. Thai Basil on Newbury will made pad thai with whole wheat noodles for you. I actually prefer it to their regular noodles. Not exactly pasta but might help!

          1. And... there's always Papa Razzi.