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Feb 23, 2007 07:21 AM


Can any body give me some suggestions on good Indian and Creole&Cajun restaurants in South Florida?

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  1. Creolina on SW 2nd Street in Fort Lauderdale. You really have to pay attention, it's a small place. Nothing fancy as far as decor. But the food is pretty good and the owner and staff are rather entertaining.

    1. In Pompano, on Powerline near Atlantic, there is an outstanding Indian Resturant called Madras Cafe. I would highly recommend it for possibly the best Indian food in South Florida.

      1. In South Miami, please go to Imlee. They take care to soak and wash the rice where you can taste each grain.

        1. I second the Madras Cafe reccommendation. Go on saturday and have the pani puri from the buffet. trust me, these are great.They only feature these on saturday and sunday. It is one of many items on their buffet. It is a version of Indian street food and very tasty.

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            We recently visited Madras after not being there for a couple months and were so disappointed. They've dummed down their spices...and everything was much blander. Even the crackers (pappadums) were less peppery and the tamarind sauce which used to have a little bit of a kick was just sweet. My favorite the lamb madras which used to be a thick red tomatoey sauce that we would lick up with every bit of rice or nan is now a thin watery brown sauce with less than half the flavor and none of the wow factor.
            I asked if they had a new chef and they insisted they didn't but this was an entirely different preparation of a dish we'd been ordering since they opened....How sad!

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              Creolina's is good. next time i go i am going to have one of thier steaks!

          2. Udipi cafe is on university drive 1/4 of a mile north of sunrise blvd. If you like south indian vegetarian food, theirs is great. They feature a great lunch buffet on saturdays (I think now they have one every day too)that have the pani puri. yummy.