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Help with packaged foods: Have you been to the US?

This is definately not a gourmet question, but I definately need your help if you have ever been to the US, are from the US in Australia, or simply just know the answer :).

Periodically, my good Melbournian friend and I send each other packages, containing whatever we hope the other has never had. With Tim-Tams, milo, violet crumble, footy, and a variety of other things, it's not hard for her to send me some great stuff. However, when I try to come up with something, I draw blanks. You guys get everything the rest of the world has and more!

So far I've sent her nerds, almond/crispy/dark/peanutbutter M&Ms (which she said she didnt get there), poprocks, and vanilla toothpaste.

Anything that I could send that you guys miss or love or remember?



p.s. i'm from texas.

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  1. Hi

    I am an Aussie born in the US so visit there quite a bit. If you want to see what Yanks-Downunder are missing, just look at this website http://www.usafoods.com.au

    It is hard to miss much, believe me, because the freshness of all the produce/meats and the quality of the cafes and restaurants means that Americans just love coming here to pig out :
    )We have a very large range of imported foods in the supermarkets, and huge imported food areas in the big department stores like David Jones and Myers, but some things are harder to find.

    I usually get requests from friends for saltwater taffy, gumbo seasonings, candy corn, Hot Tamales, those Peanut Butter M&Ms you mentioned and Grapenuts. I have not seen Grapenuts here except from US Foods online. Grits you can get in the department stores. We have heaps of other American stuff on the normal shelving - like Oreos and your cake mixes.

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! Hopefully I'll have enough money myself, soon, to go there and see what i miss ;)!

      This helped a lot. I didnt think about gumbo seasoning, but i sent her a packet of chili seasoning.


      1. Cheeze-its! I have someone in London who craves them. I occasionally send them over or carry them with me. If you have access to a Seal-A-Meal or a Food Saver I'd bet some good corn tortillas could be appreciated or just a bag of masa.

        1. Cinnamon flavored candy (Red Hots etc.) isn't common in Australia; salt water taffy isn't something you see often either. Hot sauces and other American seasonings might be a good choice too. Last time I traveled from the US home to Australia I brought my family a jar of Jif - mostly for comedic purposes; Jif is a counter-top cleaner in Australia

          1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

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              I second the Reese's Cups! Also, Reese's Pieces. I brought some to a friend in New Zealand last year and she had never seen them before. She especially liked the pastel-colored Easter ones.

              When I lived in Ireland (I'm American), my roomie and I used to love getting sent boxes of Annie's Mac and Cheese. Even boxes of the Kraft stuff were welcome.

            2. I'm an Australian who has been to the US, and what I love is the crazy, sugary cereals that you guys have. We don't have nearly the same range here, what I miss most is those ones that look like little pieces of toast and are cinnamon flavoured. I have also noticed the little oreo cookie cereal as well.

              I know that boxes of cereal are bigger than candy, so may be more expensive, but it sure is a fun, frivolous food gift.

              I also agree with the hot sauce option.

              This is a great partnership to have with an interntional friend!

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                It's called cinnamon toast crunch and its a uniquely addictive breakfast experience :-) Ah, memories!

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                  Good idea! I could possibly fit a 'travel sized' box in there. I'm sending a whole box of cheezits on Candy's recommendation, so I cant fit a whole box of cereal this time!

                2. When my brother was in Japan, he loved me to send Mallomars when they were in season (which is now). Do they have them in Texas I wonder?

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                    Yeah, we do have mallomars! thanks!

                  2. OMG Ranch flavoured chips i miss the most. Other than that my mind has gone blank. As an Aussie who previoulsy lived in the states, my last trip i brought so much. Grapenuts are good i loved Cheerios but now we have them here. But you guys definatley have more cereal than us. on that note ask your friend to send you Nutragrain. But i do frequent usafoods site regularly. Kool aid would be a novelty. And Twizzlers we have them here but not that brand and they are not the same. Big bags of Jelly Belly beans as they are expensive here

                    1. Hi! I'm an American who just moved to Adelaide, and I have been dying to have my parents send me some US food. It sounds like you have done it alot...how strict is it to send food to Australia? Do you what they do or do not allow to be sent? I am particularly missing canned chipotle peppers and corn tortillas, and I really want some Masa meal so I can make my own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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                        Yeah, i've sent lots of stuff-- from home-baked cookies to nerds. It's not hard, but customs definately opens up the boxes and goes through them. I never imagined not having Masa at the local store-- that'd be an expensive send, though, because of the weight!

                        I think canned/jarred stuff is fine... i'm not so sure if i've ever had anything siezed from a box, so last time, i wrote an 'inventory' list :). I can tell you what got through: socks, 'pinguinos' (that's a mexican Marinela snack), peanut m&ms, wonka donutz, peeps, nerds, 2 alarm chili kit, vanilla toothpaste, poprocks, and a box of home baked cookies.
                        Whatever you find out, please tell me! I'd love to know if your stuff gets through.

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                          I just found out that PopRocks didnt make it through!

                      2. It may be a Boston thing but...
                        Marshmallow Fluff, it's marshmallow in a jar. My office thought it was great and especially funny when I described the Fluffernutter sandwich, which is peanut butter and Fluff.

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                          Marshmallow fluff makes me proud to be an american!
                          I'm glad to know it's not sold in Australia-- thats a very good option. I hope I can find the little plastic jars.

                        2. Hi,
                          I am from Ma and have an elderly rel. that moved there last year (Queensland) and i know she would like some thing but when i ask her she say the laws are strict on what you can send with reguards to food. i would like to send local favs. not so much mass marketed stuff. Its not fruit and is clearly labeled. Anyway my question is have you had any delivery problems? if so what? any info would be welcome thanks
                          i really like the fluff idea though she is a MA transpant

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                            I posted above the things that I got through, and I dont think i've ever had anything seized. The rules surprised me, I was shocked to get anything through, but I also havent sent much 'fresh' food. I send mostly packaged, confectionary (cheap, unhealthy..) goods! Good luck to you, too!

                            Maybe you can set the fruits in a jar and just make sure it's sealed nice and tight, so nothing can happen to them on the way? I still dont know if they'd be siezed, though, for their seeds.

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                              thanks for the info i was doing some research online and the info i found seemed very strict reguarding food ( my aunt didn't even want to take snacks for plane ride for fear it would hold her up at airport when she got there) i'm gonna try the cheap bad for you food first. i'll post what makes it and what dosn't. they must eat well in customs.

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                                Hey SF-- I just found out, as i added above, that my PopRocks did not make it through! You're right, they must eat well.. Maybe we should all work in customs!