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Feb 23, 2007 07:13 AM

Help with packaged foods: Have you been to the US?

This is definately not a gourmet question, but I definately need your help if you have ever been to the US, are from the US in Australia, or simply just know the answer :).

Periodically, my good Melbournian friend and I send each other packages, containing whatever we hope the other has never had. With Tim-Tams, milo, violet crumble, footy, and a variety of other things, it's not hard for her to send me some great stuff. However, when I try to come up with something, I draw blanks. You guys get everything the rest of the world has and more!

So far I've sent her nerds, almond/crispy/dark/peanutbutter M&Ms (which she said she didnt get there), poprocks, and vanilla toothpaste.

Anything that I could send that you guys miss or love or remember?



p.s. i'm from texas.

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  1. Hi

    I am an Aussie born in the US so visit there quite a bit. If you want to see what Yanks-Downunder are missing, just look at this website

    It is hard to miss much, believe me, because the freshness of all the produce/meats and the quality of the cafes and restaurants means that Americans just love coming here to pig out :
    )We have a very large range of imported foods in the supermarkets, and huge imported food areas in the big department stores like David Jones and Myers, but some things are harder to find.

    I usually get requests from friends for saltwater taffy, gumbo seasonings, candy corn, Hot Tamales, those Peanut Butter M&Ms you mentioned and Grapenuts. I have not seen Grapenuts here except from US Foods online. Grits you can get in the department stores. We have heaps of other American stuff on the normal shelving - like Oreos and your cake mixes.

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! Hopefully I'll have enough money myself, soon, to go there and see what i miss ;)!

      This helped a lot. I didnt think about gumbo seasoning, but i sent her a packet of chili seasoning.


      1. Cheeze-its! I have someone in London who craves them. I occasionally send them over or carry them with me. If you have access to a Seal-A-Meal or a Food Saver I'd bet some good corn tortillas could be appreciated or just a bag of masa.

        1. Cinnamon flavored candy (Red Hots etc.) isn't common in Australia; salt water taffy isn't something you see often either. Hot sauces and other American seasonings might be a good choice too. Last time I traveled from the US home to Australia I brought my family a jar of Jif - mostly for comedic purposes; Jif is a counter-top cleaner in Australia

          1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

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              I second the Reese's Cups! Also, Reese's Pieces. I brought some to a friend in New Zealand last year and she had never seen them before. She especially liked the pastel-colored Easter ones.

              When I lived in Ireland (I'm American), my roomie and I used to love getting sent boxes of Annie's Mac and Cheese. Even boxes of the Kraft stuff were welcome.