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Feb 23, 2007 07:02 AM

Any WNY transplants in TC? Missing Buffalo regional food

Any Western New York transplants in the Twin Cities area that miss the apparently ethnic food we were raised on? I say apparently because until I moved here, I had no idea the Polish/Italian food I was raised on was going to be hard to find or duplicate.

And wings? Where oh where do YOU go? I have ventured over to Buffalo Wild Wings for moments of missing wings back home.....BJ's in Fredonia had the best wings this side of the moon. But, really, the days of 10,cent wings and a pitcher of cold beer are gone, I guess.

And, fish fries - every American Legion, VFW, every church had the biggest and best fish dinners - the huge crispy fish that took up your entire platter - with the works. Do you have a close favorite here?

Periogies - I wish I had paid attention to what my father and I were making when I was a teen but this teenage girl just wasn't paying attention to dad and cooking at that age. I've tried but failed to find anything local that comes close.

Folks, if you are from the Buffalo New York area - and have long wishes for the hot dogs, the wings, the fish, the periogies, the .........where do you shop?

When I go back east, I take a cooler and an extra bag to fill with bottles of Chiavetta's, long sticks of pepperoni and stuff.

I love the TC but I sure miss some of the food from home.....sentimental or am I really missing something?

Thank you.

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  1. I'm not from western NY but as far as wings, we really like the ones from Runyon's on Washington. I also have memories of $.10 wings from college in Ohio but haven't found a similar deal in the past 10 years.

    For pierogies we usually go to Kramarczuk's in NE. I didn't grow up on them so I'm not sure what you're used to, but these are pretty damn good. The pierogies at Nye's are terrible, don't bother.

    1. I'm originally from Buffalo, but I left before I was old enough to eat solid food. I've been back once for a whirlwind visit - one might say "pilgrimage" - to the Anchor Bar. I love those wings!

      Here's an old thread where I asked for good Buffalo wings in MSP - sounds like Runyon's is the best place to try. I haven't been there yet, but I trust Kate's and Loren3's tastebuds.


        1. Sweeneys in St Paul (on dale, south of 94) has pretty decent east coast style wings.

          1. Here's a recent thread on fish fries that has more questions than answers, but, nevertheless, there are some interesting recommendations in it. Of the places mentioned in it, I'll probably try Matty B's, Obb's, St. Alberts, and the enchiladas (how many Fridays in Lent? I'd better hurry...)


            I did not grow up with a fish fry tradition, so, I don't know if I can comment on any of the fish fries I've been to in terms of being like the ones you remember from back home, but I can say I've not been to any where the chow was memorable. I've been to one in the basement of St. Matthews in St. Paul, the one at Awada's, and one other I can't think of right now.

            And, I can't even remember if Awada's is Awada's anymore--I think they changed names or ownership or something. Or, maybe they changed their name TO Awada's. I just can't remember.