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Feb 23, 2007 06:51 AM

The world needs more Beacon St Taverns

First off, I think that the attitude of a restaurant owner has a big influence on the workings of a restaurant. Jerry at the Beacon Street Tavern (and Washington Square Tavern) is such a caring owner that others should emulate him. Dashing from table to table, making sure everything is going smoothly...bravo

Anyway, we had a great time there (if you could not tell already). The Tuna tartare was a little heavy on the sauce, but still real tasty. The steak au poive was nicely spiced and medium rare was (shock), medium rare. We also had a burger which was a very good tavern burger, again cooked to medium, like ordered. Ask Jerry about the wine list that is not part of the wine list. Had an interesting and well priced California. Interstingly, I liked the food at Beacon Street more than Washington Square, but I have heard the other way, so maybe it depends on the day. Best part, its priced fairly reasonably.

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  1. I'm definitely in the camp that finds the food at BST a step down from WST, but it's respectable, and so much better then whatever's been there over the last ten years, it's hard to complain. I expect to enjoy that big ol' patio a lot in warmer weather, too.

    1. The steak tips at BST, which were not on the menu at WST last i checked, are WONDROUS. Perfectly sauced, cooked MR, tender, tangy. YUM.

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        1. food is average help is below average

          1. i went about 2 months after they opened. food was reasonably priced, but just so-so and service was a mess. would much rather eat at eastern standard down the street. elephant walk and taberno del haro would pull me in much quicker as well.