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Feb 23, 2007 06:51 AM

New Gourmet Grocery Store - Long Neck, DE

I understand that a gourmet grocery store is coming to Long Neck, DE it will be on Rte 24 near Happy Harry's (Walgreen's) Back Bay Shopping Center. Someone told me the name, but I can't remember it. Apparently it is a high quality chain. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. There have been rumors about a Whole Foods Market coming to the area for awhile but the only definite I'm aware of coming to Rt 24 is a new Giant Foods. Even a Trader Joe's would be a nice addition to lower, slower Delaware....

    1. It's not Whole Foods nor Trader Joe's. I just rembered who told me and I'll see them later this morning and find out. Yes, Super G is under construction and also McDonalds on Rt 24 (John J. Williams Hgwy.

      1. My friend thinks it is Harris Tetters.

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          I got an email from Harris Tetters, yes, they are coming to Long Neck, DE Spring/Summer of '08 they say Rte 299 and Rte 24 (that would be Bay Farm Road and John Williams Hgwy (Rte 24) across from Happy Harry's (Walgreen's), but someone else says it will be in the same shopping center as Happy Harry's - waiting for the sign to go up. Also the new Super G on Rte 24 has been delayed for a year -they had already started the drain pipes, etc., but corporate has backed out for a year. I can barely tolerate the Food Lion on Rte 24, but guess I will have to deal with them or drive up 13 miles to Rte 1 for the SafeWay, Super Fresh or Super G.

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            Yes, Harris Tetters will be in the same complex as Happy Harry's ground work being done now next to the Dollar Store. MacDonald's on Rte 24 is now open.

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              I understand that Super G has lost their building permits and that Harris Tetters will build on that site. The lot next to the Dollar General has been paved over for more parking. Hear rumors of an Olive Garden and Red Lobster on Rte 24 across from the new bank and McDonald's.

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                Oh swell, more mediocre chain restaurants in lower, slower Delaware.....

        2. Guys, do you know about Good For You Natural Market in Lewes, DE? Close to 5 Points in Route 9 West. Store is modelled after Whole Foods Market. Organic produce, meat, dairy, frozen, extensive range of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian, personal care, pet. Support local businesses. They are filling the gaps the quality big box retailers are ignoring. They buy from the same suppliers and their prices are good. Help keep them in business so they will stay here.

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            Might you be Andy, the owner ?

          2. Super G got their permits in order and the new store was built and now opened. The best thing is that the gourmet store is Harris Teeters out of North Carolina. What a wonderful shopping trip that is. Almost everything under the sun. Thier generic brand is Harris Teeter and their one step above generic is Harris Traders. Excellent meats and fresh sea food and a wide, wide range of products. I love that store.