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Neighborhood luncheon places in Portland

Emily Ford Feb 23, 2007 06:37 AM

Chowhounds, I just moved here from California and and am coming into Portland about once a week to explore the city. Any lunch reccomendations in the Hawthorne or Alberta neighborhoods? I often go to Powell's too so recommendations in that area also. Also any recommendations from the take out counters at Whole Foods? The array of stuff is just mind boggling. I'm a chef at a retreat center and I like to take a break from cooking on my days off.

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  1. p
    pdxgirl RE: Emily Ford Feb 23, 2007 10:58 AM

    Here is a similar discussion farther down the page:

    We go to lunch often ( too often) and my favorites in the NW/Pearl (Powells) area are:
    Silk-Glisan & 10th
    Pearl Bakery - 9th & Couch
    Everett St Bistro - 12th & Everett
    Piazza Italia Johnson & 12th
    Miso Happy on NW 23rd ( at the 23rd & Marshall streetcar stop


    I have found that the food looks fantastic at Whole Foods but there are not many dishes that I ever ended up liking..salads and panini look good and I do like their thick creamy soups..

    1. extramsg RE: Emily Ford Feb 23, 2007 11:16 AM

      Hawthorne isn't a very good lunch area. The best restaurants are on lower and upper Hawthorne, places like Castagna/Cafe Castagna, Ken's Place, Bombay Cricket Club, and Apizza Scholls -- none of which have lunch hours. Mio Sushi is good. Cha, Cha, Cha is decent for burritos. There's an outlet of Pho Van. Chez Machin is okay. K2 has a couple items that are really good, but the rest is crap. Zach's Shack is really good. Defintely DO NOT go to Bread & Ink or Cup & Saucer.

      For Alberta, I think Helser's does a decent job. Thai Noon is pretty good, although I've heard One Thai is better. I think Halibut's has the best fish and chips in town. La Bonita is a very good taqueria and Don Pancho is pretty decent, too. Bella Faccia has decent slices of pizza. Just south of Alberta on Prescott and 15th is Podnah's for very good BBQ. Definitely DO NOT eat at La Sirenita -- dog food Mexican. Also, if you head up to 33rd and a bit north to Killingsworth, you can go to Hot Lips pizza. There's also a New Seasons there for deli stuff and Cannon's for okay BBQ. A little farther north than Killingsworth there is Aladdin's for good Lebanese.


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      1. re: extramsg
        Nettie RE: extramsg Feb 23, 2007 02:50 PM

        Also near Alberta at NE 30th and Killingsworth is Autentica (more upscale Mexican than La Bonita and Don Pancho)--they do serve lunch.

        1. re: Nettie
          extramsg RE: Nettie Feb 24, 2007 07:11 PM

          No, they stopped serving lunch a while ago. They do have brunch on weekends, however

        2. re: extramsg
          extramsg RE: extramsg Feb 25, 2007 05:37 PM

          btw, next to Podnah's is Chilango's, one of the better taquerias in Portland proper. They make their tortillas by hand and their tinga is very good.


        3. extramsg RE: Emily Ford Feb 23, 2007 11:24 AM

          btw, for takeout at WF you can taste pretty much everything. There are even little tasting cups for the self-serve area where the Indian and all that is. Personally, I like to get a nice cheese like Montgomery Cheddar or 4 year gouda, some Framani soppressata, some lucques olives, some roasted peppers, an apple and go eat my antipasti. I'll sometimes do that before my drive back to Vancouver. Better than a bag of Doritos.

          1. a
            ashod RE: Emily Ford Feb 23, 2007 11:32 AM

            tin shed at alberta & 14th is wonderful, also. especially when it's warmer and you can enjoy the patio. i'm a big fan of their heartless artichoke sandwich.

            1. spabettie RE: Emily Ford Feb 23, 2007 03:53 PM

              No Fish Go Fish on Hawthorne is really great too... http://www.nofishgofish.com/

              1. e
                Emily Ford RE: Emily Ford Feb 24, 2007 07:19 AM

                Hey thanx all, I'm really enjoying the town so much--it has such a great atmosphere and very good food! Emily

                1. m
                  MyNextMeal RE: Emily Ford Feb 24, 2007 03:31 PM

                  For modest but decent lunch nosh nearby Powells:

                  Mio Gelato offers a nice variety of panini with a small green salad for lunch - I love the sopressata, myself.

                  Pearl Bakery also offers simple good sandwiches for lunch.

                  If you cross Burnside, try Half and Half SW9/Oak and CafeVoila SW9th/Washington. Also, the new Stumptown locale is now open on Stark (btw 10/11th) at the AceHotel (there's no stumptown signage from the outside that I've seen).

                  Not a fan of the WholeFoods counter - tres expensive and just mediocre IMHO.

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                  1. re: MyNextMeal
                    JillO RE: MyNextMeal Feb 25, 2007 06:42 AM

                    There's also Half and Half's new little place, Acorn, at 539 NW 13th Ave. Haven't been there yet, but I have had a tasty sandwich or two at Half and Half.

                  2. p
                    pearlinsider RE: Emily Ford Feb 26, 2007 02:58 PM

                    Yes, Acorn is a great lunch joint. Also try Fuller's (NW 9th, near Pearl Bakery) - known as a breakfast spot, but everything they serve is great.


                    1. j
                      jamonito RE: Emily Ford Feb 26, 2007 03:18 PM

                      I dream about Fujiin's crispy fried eggplant on a regular basis (on Hawthorne). Incredibly fast, fresh, family-run Chinese--my favorite in PDX for over ten years (since I lived down the street in the early 90s).

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