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Feb 23, 2007 06:24 AM

Sushi on the North Shore?

I'm up for some good sushi but the only place on the north shore i'm familiar with is Kame in Beverly. The last time I went food was good but the service was terrible and it's not a casual place for a saturday's more of a lunch joint.

any suggestions? I would like a place with a nice bar set up since I'll be going alone...

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  1. I'm not sure how far around the No. Shore you're willing to travel, but here are a few suggestions; Bamboo in Bedford, really nice atmosphere with a wonderful Sushi bar, affordable and nice staff... Sushi Island in downtown Wakefield, only open for dinner, has jazz on Sat. nites and a cozy bar... The Mandarin in Reading (same folks that own Bamboo), another nice, cozy Sushi Bar, go early on Sat.'s, gets a little crazy after 6 pm. Hope these were helpful!

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      UGH - the mandarin is horrible - bad fish, bad prep and overpriced.

    2. Sushi Island in Wakefield Center is good. Not really the North Shore, but not too far, either. There are lots of posts on Sushi Island.
      Also- I have never been, but i have seen good reports on this board for Sake, on Route 1 North in Saugus.

      1. I know they were at one time in Salem and then moved to Beverly (might be back in Salem as well again)...but my favorite go to sushi place is Asahi. Very friendly and consistently good sushi.

        1. This will sound a little odd, but we love Bangkok Paradise on Washington Street in Salem. It is perfect for a single Saturday night eater -- they have a bar & you can watch the sushi chef from the bar. They also usually have live singer or band on most nights. Good drinks at the bar, too.

          On a side note, I'm told by an 'insider' that they have an incredibly clean kitchen (always a plus if you're eating sushi, I think.)

          1. Asahi in Salem (unsure if its still there, was right across from P.E.M.) was great. I live a bit more north of you but Mapow Sushi Thai on route 1 in Salisbury sounds really weird and it's in a weird location, but the food was good, sushi was very fresh, It wasn't the most artfully made sushi but the taste was great. I live in Newburyport so it's close for me. I also went to a place in Portsmouth NH recently called Shio, my wife goes there for lunch fairly often since she works there. The service is great, and the sushi was fantastic. It's not downtown sadly, it's actually in a strip mall a few minutes drive, but its very clean, and has traditional tatami seating as well as regular tables and a sushi bar where the fish is on display and you can watch it being made for you to ensure the quality. It is one of my favorite places despite the location. Very friendly staff as well. So if you're ever in NH or wanting to go a bit further and go to Portsmouth for the day I'd recommend it.

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