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Feb 23, 2007 06:19 AM

Most 'NY' brunch experience in East Village?

My cousin and her fiancee are coming to NY for the first time and we'd like to take them out for their first NY brunch somewhere in the East Village this Sunday (thought it would be fun to walk around the area afterwards). The problem is we're new in town ourselves and haven't tried that many places. Any recommendations for somewhere with nice food and mimosas or bloody marys? I was thinking of Clinton Street Baking Company but I can't remember if they serve mimosas during brunch...

Thanks heaps!

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  1. Clinton Street is very crowded. An alternative is Five Points. Really good brunch. Definitely have mimosas and such. And when I went last they had some breakfast cocktail for $8 but a pitcher was only $18, so a real value if there's 3 of you.

    1. Prune! So good. Order the Russ & Daughters platter of smoked fish if you want a very NY experience.

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        I second Prune. Go early, though, if you don't want a long wait.

      2. Clinton St. will have a very long wait; you might want to check out Essex - they have Mimosas and Bloody Marys and also will take reservations.

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          Jewish-Latin Fusion + 3 free drinks with $15 brunch = Awesome

        2. Clinton St. Baking Co. is great and does serve alcohol. Prune too. Both have long waits, as does 9th St. Market, another favorite of mine. You can reserve at Five Points. Danal is great and has shorter waits than the others.

          1. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions - I've booked us a table at Essex (Five Points was full up). Looking forward to it!

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              What time is your reservation? I can't remember if Essex honors the law barring alcohol before noon on a Sunday. Although I think they open their doors at 11:30am so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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                Oh. I've booked for 11am on Sunday (when they open) so my cousin has time to see some sights in the afternoon because they leave on Tuesday morning and are trying to see as much as they can.

                Has anyone been to Essex for brunch on a Sunday recently and can they confirm if they do /don't serve alcohol before noon?

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                  Essex does NOT serve alcohol before noon on Sunday. (I had dinner at Essex last night and confirmed this.)

                  Also, Easter Sunday Brunch will also cost $18 instead of the usual $16.