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Feb 23, 2007 05:52 AM

Regional Italian food?

I'm kind of out of touch with Italian food. Where can I find traditional Italian food that is NOT of the Mario Batali empire? Somewhere where they don't limit themselves to red sauce and pasta. Perhaps a place that specializes in a certain region of Italy such as Tuscany, Puglia, or Emilia Romagna?

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  1. Try Vittorio's, West Village on Bleeker

    1. Le Zie, 7th Ave and 21 St.; Venetian.

        1. Teodora for Emilia Romagna cuisine. They also own Bianca downtown and Celeste on UWS. Very authentic.

          Second Le Zie for Venetian

          Other great authentic Italian includes Da Andrea and Crispo. Both of these tend to serve cuisine from multiple regions. Crispo may lean more towards Emilia but all of these places are very authentic.

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            i had sweetbreeads at da andrea that were cooked perfectly. i think lightly breaded, not too much and tender. delish! i love crispo and celeste as well. just posted my recommendation elsewhere for celeste. do some cheese at celeste the owner is passionate about it. was underwhelmed at bianca. frankly don't remember what i ate. the three of us were not thrilled.

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              we had a great meal last night at Bianca - an unusual shredded fresh artichoke heart salad, some very fresh and sweet mussels, a sumptuous Lasagna, and (I think freshly made) fennel sausage with white beans and rosemary. All of it was really tasty - EXCEPT - they really were a little heavy-handed on the salt. I am personally a salt freak, and it was a little too much for me. My date is not and he was driven to distraction. Also heard the people one table over complaining. I just hope the very friendly and helpful staff overheard as well. Minus about 3 or 4 pinches of salt it really would have been a perfect meal.

          2. Gino's at 60th and Lexington, across from Bloomingdales.