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Feb 23, 2007 05:38 AM

Near the Willard

A friend is staying at the Willard -- any place around there worth the money? Tehn Penn? Chef Geoffs? Any and all suggestions welcome.

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  1. The Occidental, Central, and Fogo de Chao are all nearby and well worth the money and (IMO) better choices than TenPehn or Chef Geoffs. He could also eat at the Willard Room.

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    1. re: jaydreb

      Totally forgot about Central -- thanks.

    2. Just up the street, 14th that is, at K St, is a great place called LIMA.
      Chef Raynald does a great job and the place is a also a lot of fun.

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      1. re: BaltFoodie

        Thanks- I'd not heard of that and the menu looks interesting.

      2. You might want to check out Tosca (F St., betw. 11th + 12th), Zaytinya (9th + G Sts.), or the Oceannaire (F St., betw. 13th + 14th).

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        1. re: hellothere

          Ended up going to the Willard -- would not do so again although the waiter did his best to keep us happy.

        2. Sorry I'm late to the party. I've always had good food at Butterfield 9, which is a couple blocks north on 14th street. My wife adores the yukon gold potato soup, as well as the Hawaiian Escolar.