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Feb 23, 2007 05:33 AM

WV Sushi

I'm looking for a good sushi place in the West Village that has a great atmosphere but isn't astronomically priced. Some place that would be suitable for a first date. I actually like Monster Sushi (does that reflect poorly on me?) and wouldn't mind something of that caliber so long as the atmosphere was nice.

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  1. I like Kirara on Carmine St (b/w Bleecker and Bedford). Small, lovely place with great sashimi & sushi platters for two... and Grey Dog next door for coffee & dessert. Yama is across the street, which might be a closer fit to Monster, and which does get very crowded (but I have never been.) Aki on W. 4th is also popular.

    1. second Kirara and Aki. Also Taka and of,course, Ushi Wakamaru

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        Kirara is probably near the top of my price point. Are these places comparable? And what is the atmosphere like? Monster just has this pedestrian look to it. It's not a place that invites you to stay and talk. I could go for something like Japonais on one end or SushiSambaRio on the other: dim and inviting or trendy and upbeat.

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          Taka used to be great when one of the few female sushi chefs (Taka) was there, but she has left and the people who bought the space also bought the name but not the quality. Go to Aki instead.

        2. We're big sushi fans and found Tora on 7th Ave. South (used to be Edo) below Bleecker St. on the East side of 7th Avenue to be a true find. They have delicious, special rolls, a nice menu, very affordable, fresh fish, good selection and lovely service. I usually get a combination that's $20 and fills me up happily. It seems to remain undiscovered, perhaps because of the location, but it's a great place.

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            has anyone else been to tora before?

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              Yes, I thought it got recommended a lot on this board. We've ordered from there once, and found it to be expensive. The special rolls were delicious, and they have a great variety of cooked appetizers.

              Kirara is our favorite, though.

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                well, it's gotten recommened a lot, but only by tsiblis, so i was just curious to see if anyone else had been. we like kirara and ushi a lot, and wanted to know how tora compares.

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                  I took the recommendations (a couple months later, I suppose) and was terribly disappointed with Kirara. The snug restaurant itself had a fishy smell, not unlike the smell wafting over Canal Street near Mott. Nor was I much taken by the ambience of the place. I was further told that the chef was an artist and prepared beautiful plates, however the sushi was entirely unimpressive. The rolls did not taste fresh (we went on a Friday) and came out plated thoughtlessly. Absolutely no artistry to the presentation other than slicing the rolls and putting them on an earthenware plate. For what I paid, I would've been better served at nearly any other sushi restaurant in the neighborhood, I fear.