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Feb 23, 2007 05:13 AM

Nashua, w/a toddler?

Hi - heading to Nashua this wkend w/a friend and her 16 mo old. Well-behaved kid and attentive mom, but still pretty antsy. Any recs for good food at a place where they wouldn't cringe to see us come in the door w/her? We like american/eclectic, italian, mostly anything Med.....not fans of asian (incl Indian).


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  1. Bertucci's has decent pizza and is big enough to absorb kids--there's also Texas Roadhouse, which seems designed for screaming hordes of all ages, and the steak is pretty good. If you like Mex, La Carretta is your best bet.

    1. I'd agree with Texas RH my kids love it. Pizza Uno lets kids make their own which keeps them entertained. I find with kids it can limit your choices, but I figure you can usually get a decent burger at any of these places. I've also heard Bertucci's has very good pasta dishes.

      1. Michael Timothy's is probably the best place for Italian in Nashua but it's not so toddler-friendly. I absolutely LOVE G Amotos Restaurant on Route 101A in Amherst. It's a short drive from Nashua and well worth it. It doesn't look like much more than a pizza/sub shop but it's much more than that. The deli has some terrific meats and cheeses. The pasta is very good. I often stop in to buy a big tray to take up to the mountains for ski weekends.

        1. I loved the menu I saw online for Michael Timothy' you think it's out of the question if A) she stayed in her high chair and B) was good overall, and C) we showed up early, as the doors were opening? We'd have no problem packing up and leaving if it wasn't a good night for her. We were definitely thinking a step up from chains like TR and Bertuccis.

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            That's a tough one... If you went for lunch I'd try it but I wouldn't for dinner. It's rather small and tight in there, and it's usually pretty busy. The only time I've seen children, older than toddlers, has been at brunch.

            If you want to stay in Nashua and stray away from the Med idea I think you can easily take toddlers for an early dinner at the Peddler's Daughter.

            If she's a super well behaved kid maybe you wait until last minute and pick between the two depending on her mood. Both restaurants are on Main Street.

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              I would not suggest Michael Timothy's for toddlers either. If you can swing a babysitter, go for it. The place that I've taken kids (including a toddler) is La Carretta. Kids love tacos and you can get something more interesting.You would want to avoid busy times, though.

              I might consider Ya Mamma's (, which is just up the road apiece in Merrimack.

              1. re: JaneRI

                Michael Timothy's is an intimate, sophisticated restaurant -- where people go for celebratory (and expensive) dinners. You might consider their sister restaurant across the street--Surf. It's a great seafood place, and a little more casual.

              2. Thanks! If we really want to try it we might try lunch (babysitter isn't an option - we're from RI and just visiting). I'd love to try La Carretta but my friend doesn't like mexican. I'll google Peddler's sounds interesting.