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UES Coffee

Help! In desperate search for good coffee on the UES (90th & lex area). Preferably somewhere to enjoy it over a copy of the times. It is just me, or is there a definite shortage of neighbouthood cafés in this area?

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  1. On my way to go study at DTUT on 2nd at 85th. Free wifi, though it often seems to be very slow. Good selection of fattening deserts too.

    When the mommy-and-me crowd takes over, I move about 75 yards north to M Rohrs on 85th near the corner of 2nd. Much smaller and more low key than DT-UT. Usually pretty quiet.


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      A strong 2nd to M Rohrs--excellent coffee.

    2. There's a Pain Quotidien at 85 and Madison. People rave about this chain -- and the coffee is good, if very expensive. I find the breakfast selections limited, but to each his/her own.

      There's also a Dean & Deluca on the opposite corner with stools in the window.

      1. i think Cafe Baccio is opening a location ...i think 3rd ave b/t 84th/83rd or 83rd/82nd. i love their coffee. not sure if that particular location is quite open yet.

        1. Payard or Le Pain Quotidien whichever setup you prefer.

          1. How about Oren's Daily Roast? I believe it's on Lex b/t 79 & 8.

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              There are several locations on the Upper East - this is usually my go-to chain in the area as well. Good biscotti...

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                Oren's is the best coffee in manhattan, imo.

            2. My favorite places for coffee are Nespresso (65th and Madison) and Via Quadronno (73rd and Madison). Nespresso is a bit of a scene, a lot of people with expensive shopping bags, but the cappuccino is amazing.

              1. I love Sicaffe on Lexington & 71st St. I love their Cappuccino Triestino. It's so good.

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                  Big 2nd to Sicaffe...outstandingly excellent coffee + a really attractive café...Via Quadronno is also outstanding...IMO 2 of the best in the city....

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                    I prefer Via Quadronno to Sicaffe - both the look of the cafe, and the coffee.

                    Via Quadronno
                    25 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021

                2. And, if you're prepared to walk over to Fifth, Cafe Sabarsky (but not between 12 and 2.30) has wonderful coffee, Viennese style.

                  - Sean

                  1. I second DTUT and Rohrs, I am farther East than you but they are the best places in this neighborhood that I know of.

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                      DTUT closing soon!! high leases forced them out

                    2. Try the trite but true 'coffee shops' that against all logic are still vibrant on the UES. In Carnegie Hill, for example, try Nectar 82 (you can sit and sip as long as you like, except lunch hrs (museum tourists all over the place), New Amity (Madison/84), 3 Guys (Madison/91), Yura (Mad/92), and especially nice, though not trite (rather with-it in fact), is Effie's, on 3rd/93).

                      these are all good bets, and cheaper than Starbucks (and Via Quadronno) for sure.


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                        You've got all my suggestions on your list cohnj, so I'll just quickly say I agree with all your suggestions wholeheartedly.

                        First Ave in that area is also "redolent" with coffee shops, many of which are 24 hours. I'd like to also add that there is another Yura on 3rd/92nd, and I think that spot is bigger and more welcoming than the one on Madison, which has this sort of white-washed, beachy thing going on and hard banquettes.

                      2. Thanks folks. I "killed" a whole Sunday Times on a sofa DTUT, ate fantastic Israeli Salad at Effies and grabbed a good americano from 3 Guys.

                        1. there's also world cup on 70th and lex-- great coffee, though there's almost no room to sit (the bench outside is pleasant for a short while...). corrado, about a block away, has much better seating options (great outdoor seating) and lovely sandwiches (and pastries). their coffee's nothing to write home about, but not bad at all.

                          1. Is Juliano's still there? I lived on their hazelnut cappucino when I was a camp counselor at the 92n Street Y in high school!

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                              Juliano's is still there. 91st and lex. I really love it. But i'm very biased, since I spent nearly half of high school there.

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                                i would head down to Sicaffe near Hunter, its worth a good coffee

                            2. If you like espresso, check out the Nespresso cafe on Madison (not sure of the cross street).

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                                Also, big thumbs up to JavaGirl. E 66@ 1st/2nd Aves

                              2. The excellent Rohr's has moved around the corner and is now on 86th.

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                                  It's too bad that DTUT has closed, but I've become somewhat anti-M Rohrs since they've moved into their new space. Quite simply, they try to create this laid back comfy stay-a-while atmosphere and then plaster the place with signs which dictate a dozen rules. They also nickel-and-dime you for everything, including the Wifi.

                                  I realize it's the owners prerogative to run his business any way he/she chooses, but it's also my prerogative to go elsewhere.

                                  I'm sad to see DTUT go. Maybe I'll open a new coffee place on the UES with comfy couches, free Wifi and a no stroller policy :)


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                                    I agree with the posting above. I'm definitely not into the new Rohr's. I like Gotham Coffee but it's so small that you feel bad staying there for any length of time. I'm sorry to say this but I tend to go to Starbucks most of the time on the UES. There aren't any places left that you feel comfortable staying for a while.

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                                      Now I've seen it all. I realize times are tough...but the latest "sign" at M Rohrs???...They are now charging for electricity! That's right. Plug in your laptop and fork over a few bucks!

                                      Here's a couple of suggestions. How 'bout a verbal communications charge?

                                      "Please Note: Speaking is allowed and encouraged at M. Rohrs'. However, please be advised, there will be a charge of $1.00 for the first sentence spoken and .50 for each additional word. Thank you for your cooperation."

                                      Or how 'bout this;

                                      "We at M. Rohrs' realize air essential to your coffee-drinking experience. However, please note there will now be a charge of $1.00 for every breath taken. This charge will be assessed based on the honor system, so please keep accurate count and don't take excessively deep breaths - Anyone caught in violation of M. Rohrs' new air policy will be suffocated. Thank you for your cooperation."


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                                        There's a new sign at M. Rohrs; "Petland Coming Soon."


                                  2. Can we start this thread over? So many of the places have closed or moved, I'd like to know what the current options are.

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                                      Joe the Art of Coffee (what a fucking name) just opened on Lex b 74/75. It's now my new go to spot. My old go to spot for coffee, not coffee drinks, was Crumbs on 3rd b 77/78.

                                      I miss DT/UT.

                                      Joe the Art of Coffee
                                      1045 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10021

                                      1. re: GoodGravy

                                        Joe is great. Distant runner up is Oslo on way E 75th.

                                        422 E 75th St, New York, NY 10021