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Feb 23, 2007 03:52 AM

Where to buy sushi grade tuna Boston or North?

I'm looking to buy some sushi grade tuna, live in the Merrimack Valley area - anyone know where? I haven't ventured to call any Japanese restaurants to see if I could buy from them or a good fish market, thought I'de try here first. Great recipe calls for good sushi grade tuna.

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  1. Depends on how much you need. Whole Foods sells it but keeps it in the super freezer and you don't have control over the size of the piece. That said, the quality was pretty good. There's a place in the Porter Exchange building in Porter Square that has excellent sushi-quality fish but it's sold in smaller pieces, probably enough to make one or two maki out of each one.

    1. good to know, thanks. I think there's a whole foods in Andover.

      1. I am pretty sure that Savenor's in Beacon Hill has sushi grade as well.

        1. New Deal Fish on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge. Their fish is always of a superior quality to anything you'll find in a Whole Foods. Ask for Carl. He is extremely helpful.

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            Both Savenor's sell sushi grade tuna, but that's the extent of their sushi grade fish. Reliable Market in Union sells medium size pieces of a variety of fishes. The Porter Exchange market store does sell it, and you can get roe, seaweed salad and other goodies. I'm pretty sure Yoshinowa in Central sells it, but I don't have a clue whether it's good or not.

            One of my co-workers told me about this place - - I haven't been. Perhaps fellow hounds can say whether it's good or not!

            I agree with Bob. New Deal is definitely my favorite place. They have a diverse selection of sushi grade and non sushi grade fish, and Carl, and his family, are always super helpful.

            1. re: Craig K

              SeaToYou is on the fish pier and is a distributor to many sushi restaurants, and also sells to the public; been several years since I've been. Peter at Sake House in Saugus (rt 1) would always sell a portion - but $$, he's not losing any money on the deal.

          2. Has anyone compared New Deal Fish to the Japanese mkt. in Porter Exchange. I have been trying to find some Otoro there, but the fishmonger tells me it is not in season and even when in season they never know when it will arrive. Is it a similar story at New Deal Fish?