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Feb 23, 2007 03:28 AM

Best Ottawa Indian?

I've had some pretty miserable offerings in Kanata: dinner buffets at Bombay Masala and Haveli that looked like they'd been held over since lunch. Similar to my experience of too many Indian-American restaurants, they appear to be doing the same dull, limited handful of Moghul dishes, almost certainly done batch-style with little love.

Are there any extraordinary Indian restaurants in Greater Ottawa? I see from the Xpress poll that East India Company, Ceylonta (which I guess is Sri Lankan and South Indian, interesting), and Coconut Lagoon are well regarded. Do these merit the praise? Are there any regional specialists, like Bengali? Is anyone doing anything particularly creative or high-end?

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  1. Many of my southeast asian friends use East India Company as a caterer. I'm not fond of buffet-style myself, but the food I've had at at parties catered by East India has been quite good.

    Ceylonta is quite good. Last time I was there I found they had used a very free hand with the ghee, and the dishes were quite greasy, but the flavours are nuanced and nicely balanced.

    I'm also fond of Taj Mahal on Bank street in the Glebe.

    Don't know of any particularly high-end Indian in Ottawa (certainly not to compare to other cities like Vancouver). If you find something great, please post!

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      I'll second Ceylonta. It's really a Sri Lankan place so your best bet is to go with the Sri Lankan specialities.

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        I did visit Vij's on a recent trip to Vancouver: spectacular, luxurious, creative, but not fusion-y. Really worth a visit.

      2. I'm a fan of Cafe Shafali in Dalhousie. Delish.

        Nagina is good for cheap buffet and byow.

        1. I'm a big fan of Taj Mahal in the Glebe. There's also a lone South Indian place called Curries on (I think) Gladstone.

          1. I'm hardly a connaisseur of Indian, but apart from Ceylonta (which we also really like), I've had good meals at the Rose's Cafe (Gladstone and Wellington), Little India Cafe (across from Britannia Cinema/Colosseum) and Starlight Indian Cuisine (Bell's Corners).