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Feb 23, 2007 12:54 AM

Downtown LA Recommendations

I am going to be in downtown LA (New Otani Hotel area) for 2 nights next week on a business trip and would love some interesting recommendations. I know the hotel is near a lot of Japanese restaurants--which ones are good? And what other places in the area for creative food?

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    1. If you want authentic, and I mean authentic, sushi, go to Kappa Ishito on the 3rd Floor at Weller Court in Little Tokyo. I went there on Wed. night this week. It was incredible. But be warned, they don't make rolls. It's strictly nigiri and sashimi as well as other traditional style japanese dishes. If you're a "gringo", the proprietor will be quite surprised as he was when I showed up. It is really only known to the asian community.

      1. Be sure to sample the mochi at Fugetsudo. Also I love the grilled saury pike lunch at Suehiro.

        1. Sushi Gen is excellent
          422 E Second St
          Los Angeles, CA 90012-4209
          (213) 617-0552

          1. Sushi Komasa for sushi and izakaya fare:
            351 E 2nd St
            Los Angeles, CA 90012
            (213) 680-1792

            Daikokuya for authentic ramen:
            327 E 1st St,
            Los Angeles, CA
            (213) 626-1680

            Kokekoko for yakitori:
            360 E 2nd St
            Los Angeles, CA 90012

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              Second the rec for Komasa, but the experience is infinitely better if you speak Japanese.