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Good rec's in Whittier, La Mirada, La Habra area

I have seen some rec's recently for these places. However I need some new ones! I enjoy finding new hole in the wall places. Here are the ones I frequent
1. ricardos el ranchito
2. gondolas pizza
3. mexican food - la mirada and yes thats the name
4. golden spoon
5. renu nakorn- norwalk
6. lascari's deli - whittier
7. pho saigon - la mirada

any other good recs for around here? ive got a hunger pain starting and need some good eats!

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  1. Where in la mirada is mexican food located?

    1. El Taco Nazo, 121 S. Beach Blvd. (just south of La Habra Blvd.) in La Habra. Best shrimp tacos EVER EVER EVER... and those roasted chiles with lime and salt... and the carrots... ummmmmmmmmmmmmm... I'm drooling just TYPING about it!

      1. Ambrose Pizza in the Vons Center/Valley View & Imperial. Get the Small Slice special. Actually almost half a pizza, with yummy salad (homeade ranch & mozzarella on top) with a drink for about $4.00. Can't beat it!

        Also Mexico 1900 on Leffingwell & La Mirada. Great Chile Rellenos and lunch special margaritas. Good tacos too.

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          I haven't been to Mexico 1900 in a while, but still have good memories. My parents favor Marisa's on Imperial/Santa Gertrudes for SOME REASON, but I find it mediocre at best. I guess it mostly has to do with low prices and no wait.

          Molcasalsa, I believe, has also been mentioned in other threads about the area. It's not a sit-down restaurant, but is good for large portions of quick food at low prices.

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            I'd advise against ambrose pizza. it's awful. taste like card board. kinda like a mom and pop pizza loca taste.

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              I do have to say that I prefer their pizza when it's made free form in a single serving, like the small slice. I think it's very good. Crisp edges, chewy crust, great with meatballs on top. Dip your crust in ranch! And yes, it does taste like a mom and pop place. That's the appeal! Don't be dissuaded, hounders.

          2. Golden Triangle on Greenleaf in Whittier has amazing Thai food.

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              Golden Triangle has even more amazing Burmese food. See pics below:


            2. Chema's Tacos in Whittier on Whittier blvd & ~Palm.

              1. How about La Habra Heights Cafe on Whittier Blvd.? Very hole in the wall with excellent mexican/diner type food. I've had their pancakes, chorizo and eggs, crispy beef tacos, cheeseburger and several omelettes. All were delicious. Owned by two sisters (I think, they might be best friends) and these two women do everything- cooking, waiting, dishes, etc. My parents found it about a year ago and we've been having delicous meals there ever since.

                1. Thank you! im gonna head over to golden triangle and el taco nazo this week!

                  and mexican food is located in the stater bros. complex off of la mirada blvd. across the street from blockbuster and starbucks

                  1. If you're looking for the best fried chicken & ribs in Whittier, then go to "The Chicken Box" I know it sounds a little cheesy, and trust me, the place doesn't look much either, but the food is TERRIFIC, still family owned after 30 years. Located on Whittier, right next to Marie Callendars & the bowling alley. Check it out and let me know how you like it. Oh, it's a little pricey for chicken & ribs but they have an awesome Monday special, 10 pcs chicken for $10.99 includes potatoes & bread, just a warning... call in your order or you'll be waiting over an hour easy.

                    1. I frequent in no particular order:
                      la habra- (off beach) ricardo's el ranchito- love the albondiga soup
                      el taco nazo (off of beach)- best fish and shrimp tacos anywhere. no debate.
                      imperial burger - for a great burger and or chili cheese fry (off of imperial)
                      molcasalsa? - sometimes for something cheap, quick, and dirty. they're open 24 hours.
                      La mirada- kings garden has good chinese, it's off of beach(maybe buena park)
                      northwoods inn- the salad and cheese bread are a meal all their own. good steaks,etc.
                      marquez mexican- off of rosecrans has pretty tasty mexican food. i was suprised as it feels like it is in the middle of no where. good salsa's, rice, beans, taste like mom made them.
                      whittier- lascari's - I've liked everything i've gotten there. love the potato gnocchi, calzones, lasagna, marinated artichokes,etc,
                      chalio's - for birria in the morning, fresh handmade tortillas and a cinnimony coffee.

                      1. chalios sounds interesting that in whittier?

                        1. Man oh man, i love Arturo's Puffy Taco on Leffingwell and Santa Gertrudes in Whittier. great tacos and great carne asada. It's in the Uhaul parking lot. Sadly, closed on Sundays... :((

                          1. Yea I have always wondered why Arturo's would be closed on Sunday. Religious maybe? After church I always drive right by the place and only dream of eating some greasy tacos before laying around all day watching tv. Hmmmmm. Has anyone else heard of a mexican place I believe in Whittier down the street from Stuft Pizza that has "the arm" burrito? Its like el taco #3 or something. Speaking of that is Stuft Pizza any good and does it have Stuft pizza similar to Tony's?