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Feb 22, 2007 10:33 PM

Maui Banana Bread

I've just got to mention Sara's World Famous Banana Bread. We took the drive to Hana today, down the 52-mile twisty road from Paia to Hana. (If you've been a visitor to Maui, you've probably made this drive.) It rained (since it IS a rain forest). But we stopped to grab a banana bread from one of the 6-8 roadside stands that promise banana bread. The one we happened to stop at featured Sara's World Famous Banana Bread as well as several crafts (hand woven baskets, handmade flutes), pineapples and ready-cut coconuts -- everything on the honor system, since the stand is unattended.

The girlfriend bought back two pieces of the banana bread ($3/slice). I've got to tell you: that was THE best banana bread we've ever had! It deserves to be world famous (hence this post): real slices of banana, pieces of grapefruit, moist bread. And it was warm when we got it -- we must have showed up right after Sara put it out that day.

The stand is at about mile 27.7 of the Hana Road, just before the mile 28 marker on the right side. If you do the Hana Drive, make sure you stop at this one! We stopped on the way back and bought two more slices for breakfast tomorrow morning.

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  1. I agree that this banana bread is great -- and so is the drive to Hana.

    However, I think that there is *better* banana bread (and an even better, less traveled drive) on the "North Maui drive," if you just keep going north after Kapalua. There are two dueling banana bread stands, operated by two women who hate each other (and there are probably only 10 people in the whole "town"). Both are excellent. The drive is fantastic (though harrowing) and will eventually dump you out near the airport in Kahalui.

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      I second this rec...that was truly the best banana bread I've ever had. I'm not sure which of the feuding ladies I met, but I bought it from the green stand.