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please help!!! cabo san lucas...

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going to cabo san lucas my first time this summer, where do I NEED to eat? haha thanks

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  1. Was in Cabo in early Feb. I enjoyed Morngan's Encore in San Jose, Nicksan for sushi and The Restaurant at Las Ventanas (outstanding and expensive). The food at Esperanza was NOT good. There are nurmerous posts on this board regarding Cabo restaurants. Use the search engine to find them.

    1. Rossy Tacos, km 36 in San Jose del Cabo. Scallop tacos were unbelievably good, and at $2 each, an unbelievable bargain.

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        TWO DOLLARS APIECE for tacos? A BARGAIN? I think not. Somebody has pulled your hair (what we pull here in Mexico instead of your leg) bigtime.

        The most I've ever paid for a taco is 10 pesos (a bit less than a dollar) for fantastic tacos of deep-fried shrimp, three to a taco, ready to be piled up with shredded cabbage, salsa (choice of four), crema, etc etc etc. Things are so big you can't get your mouth open quiiiiiiite far enough...but ooooh, when you succeed, my god.

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          Where are these delightful tacos??? Only at stands? (Which ones?) Any sit down places? I won't tell you how much I paid at Baja Cantina (but... delicious!)

      2. If by any chance you are staying at Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, all the restaurants there were super fine. Beautiful views, excellent quality, world class.

        1. I really enjoyed my dinner at Ediths. Everything is mesquite grilled, the setting is really pretty and one of the best filet mignons I've ever had!!

          1. Take a day trip (or even better, overnight) to Todos Santos. Awesome food and a great place to hang out.

            1. My husband and I just returned Sunday from our first trip to Cabo. It will be the first of many trips as we literally fell in love with the place. Here's the list of places we ate and our impressions:

              Pancho's in Cabo San Lucas - FANTASTIC. One of our favorite meals. My husband had ribs that he devoured. I went for the chicken fajitas (cut me some slack - it was our first night there and I was trying to figure the place out). They were good. This place had the best salsa all week. In addition to the traditional chopped vegetable salsa, they had a chipotle salsa that was to die for.

              Mi Casa Mariscos - we ended up here by accident when we were supposed to go to the sister restaurant of Mi Casa. This place was good, but not a definite "must go".

              Mi Cocina in San Jose del Cabo - not Mexican food, but fantastic food and atmosphere. It is a beautiful outdoor courtyard setting with a waterfall and fireplaces. Husband had the catch of the day. I had a grilled chicken in a chardonney, lemon and rosemary reduction and this potato gratin that melted in my mouth. Definitely recommend this place, but make your reservation weeks ahead to get in. Our meal was about $150 for the two of us including cocktails, and three courses.

              Edith's - VERY GOOD. Another one where you need to make reservations in advance. Our concierge barely got us in when he called on Monday and the best he could do was a 6 PM reservation on Thursday. Fantastic mesquite grill. I had the bacon wrapped filet. My husband had a ribeye and lobster pairing. We tried their zuccini blossoms as an appetizer - they were just ok. Dessert was bananas flambee that was awesome. This was our priciest meal at $200 and seemed a bit expensive for steaks.

              Mi Casa - the original in Cabo San Lucas. A definite MUST. Great food and atmosphere. Guacamole was amazing. Husband had the carnitas and they melted in your mouth. I had a combination that included a steak that tasted wonderful and a chicken enchilada.

              Los Adobes - in Todos de Santos. I definitely recommend a day trip to this beautiful little art town. It's about 90 or so from Cabo. Had a very good lunch here overlooking their beautiful gardens.

              Art & Beer - on your way back from Todos de Santos, you MUST stop here at kilometer marker 69. Huge mango margaritas and they bring you fresh ceviche to go with. And, when you pay your bill, they give you a beer for the road.

              All of these places were great - we also had tacos from one of the street carts that were incredible. We stayed at the Hilton and ate most of our breakfasts and lunches there.

              We rented a car for the week and I highly recommend you do the same. If you don't and if you're not staying in town, you will spend a lot of money on cabs and shuttles. Our car rental cost $200 for the week (including the added insurance). It was not hard at all to drive there.

              Let me know if you have anymore questions about the area. Like I said, we literally just got back Sunday night and we absolutely loved it.

              1. I also have been to Morgans Encore, great presentation and excellant flavours. Something on the menu for all. There is Morgans Cellar equally as good with a large Mesquite grill, different menu.