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whats everyones fave mexican restaurant??

just curious.

Mine is Joselitos in Tujunga(althought they do have a location in glendale as well), and my runner up is El Cholo on western

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  1. I must sound like a broken record, but my favorite is Las Fuentes in Reseda; I usually get a platillo de carnitas.


    I'm also a fan of La Paz in Calabasas. Like calabasas_trafalgar will say, order a la carte. The mole there isn't of the quality of what you can get here in LA, but it's pretty good considering it's in the middle of an office park in Calabasas, and I enjoy the whole fish here also.

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      I second Las Fuentes - been going since it opened and their space was as big as my hand... when Melodies was still Taco Bell!! The Burrito de Bistek Encebollado makes my toes curl!! And that avocado salsa - best in the west!! ;-)
      In Pasadena: La Fiesta Grande for their Carne Asada, Fish, All-you-can-eat taco bar and margaritas. Mijares for their Tortilla Soup, Green Goddess Dressing and salsa. El Portal for their Concinita Pibil. El Metate for their fish tacos. Exquicitos Tacos Taqueria (formerly no-name) (Hammond/Summit) for their phenomenal Al Pastor.
      Glendale: La Cabanita for their pork chop - best in the west!!
      LA: La Parrilla for their Filete al Chipotle.

    2. Mi India Bonita in East L.A. A family owned operation with the most delicious, homemade food you can have outside of mom's kitchen. So those of you who love all that El Torito and Acapulco type mexican food with their ketchup style "Pace Picante" salsa need not try it.

      1. my girlfriend and I tried Las Fuentes not so long ago, great food(she especally loved it). although I ordered the Torta sandwhich, and for the record the best torta i've ever had was at Los Dos Amigos in Thousand Oaks and ive yet to find anywhere that compares

        1. Don Cuco's. Only been to the Burbank location, but I hear the one in Simi is good, too.

          1. There was thread on the best Mexican Restaurant in LA just last month. Here's the link:


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              You beat me to it, DanaB. If he prints this list out, (killing a few trees in the process and spending a small fortune on ink for his printer) and eats his way through these suggestions it should keep him busy for the next few years and then there will be the time spent in his cardiologist's office after that.

            2. La Paz in Calabasas. The trick here is to order a la carte.

              1. Since you said "fave" and not "best", I'll offer up Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks.

                1. La Cabanita in Montrose (?) Glendale (?) La Crescenta (?)

                  I also really like Tacos Delta in Silver Lake.


                  1. First of all, Don Cuco's is not Mexican food! Venture out to East LA, just east of the river on 1st street and try the BEST mexican seafood, and regular food ever---La Serenata De Garibaldi. Their sauces are to die for, and the fish is fantastic. Stand-out margarita as well. It's situated in a very ethnic area, but they have valet parking in the rear. This is not a cheap taco joint at all, but for the quality of the food, it is very reasonable.

                    1. Loteria!
                      At the Grove Farmer's market.
                      And pretty much any small family run taqueria...

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                        How could I forget? I LOVE Loteria! I go there all times of the day but lately have been really enjoying it for breakfast.


                      2. La Cabinita - the Chile Rellanos are the absolute best in Los Angeles. They put the Border Grill version to shame. Plus the carnitas and chuletos (sp?). Anyway its currently my favorite.

                        1. if any of you ever venture out to Thousand Oaks. Los Dos Amigos on Thousand Oaks Blvd has the best Torta's i've ever had

                          1. RE: ajbinla:
                            I wholeheartedly agree with you about these so called mexican food joints like Don Cuco's and El Coyote. THEY ARE NOT MEXICAN FOOD and it is very annoying when they bring out their bowl of salsa which tastes like ketchup. La Cabanita in Montrose is very good. They make a kick ass version of chiles enogada(just like in Like Water For Chocolate.

                            1. It's all about La Cabanita.
                              The only thing to make me happy about moving back to Glendale was La Cabanita...ok, a bit of an exaggeration but it helped...not to mention, I am now Closer to Silver Lake Wine, Gingergrass, Bostro Verdu, and Far Niente.
                              Enchilades Mole for lunch tomorrow...Yippee!

                              1. Monte Alban, on Santa Monica Bv. a few blocks west of Barrington in west LA. Everrything I've had there has been terrific; I'm particularly partial to the goat -- a nice big chunk of meat in a dense, complex broth that will knock your socks off. And their lunch specials (essentially, any of the dinner entrees except seafood for seven dollars) is an amazing bargain.