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Feb 22, 2007 09:41 PM

Best Tequilla Not Available Outside Mexico

I have a friend going to Mexico who wants to bring back a few bottles that arent so common in the States. I was wondering if there are some great tequillas that dont or dont often get out of Mexico?

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  1. Casa Noble is the best tequila overall but you can get it out of Mexico, another favorite of mine which I have only seen on my trips to Guadalajara is Centinela 3 anos...

    1. Siete Leguas (though I have seen it once in the US very recently), Aha Toro, San Matias

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        I saw Siete Leguas Tequilla at a Sam's Club yesterday.

      2. Don Julio is my favorite tequila, it's very good, but it can be found in a few select places in the US.

        If your friend has the cash, tell him to buy REAL Jose Cuervo, from what I've seen it's not sold at all in the US, it goes for around $90.00 a bottle, it's in an extremely ornate package and it's probably the most expensive tequila you'll be able to find. It almost drinks like scotch, it's extremely good.

        Things to remember:
        -If it has a bug, scorpion, snake, worm or anything else in it, it's not authentic tequila

        1. It really depends where your friend is going in Mexico. If he's going to Jalisco, he will find some little shops with all kinds of less common tequilas. Siete Leguas is the tequila that has won "best tequila in Mexico" for the last couple of years and when we were there in 2005, it was not imported here. Now, I have seen it at Bev Mo (though who knows if that's nationwide, or just in the Bay Area). If he's going to a place like Cabo or Cancun or something, he'll have to ask his hotel if there's a specialty tequila store - otherwise he'll find really only the big names, that you can get here too (and about the same price, too).

          It also depends where he's from in the States - here in San Francisco, I've seen almost all the above-mentioned ones. I have not seen Aha Toro or San Matias here though.

          1. Years ago, I came across a tequila in New Mexico called El Cabrito. I remember it as amazingly smooth and wonderful to sip, and also relatively inexpensive. But I haven't been able to find it since, so perhaps it's only available in Mexico, if it's still around.