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Feb 22, 2007 09:15 PM

Sacramento Dim Sum-New Canton

Thanks to all of you from a San Diego Chowhound for the suggestions of dim sum at the New Canton in Sacramento. We went last Tuesday. It was top notch-better than many places I have been to in San Francisco. We got there early, sat upstairs near the kitchen and feasted for under $20 a person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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  1. It is a great place and a good Chowhound treasure in Sacramento. The Sacramento Bee ran an interesting article about the place - I did not know that it is owned by a company that also runs the New Hong Kong Wok and Macau Cafe, but the owner is doing a great job. I have only tried the BBQ pork fried rice off the regular menu, but it was good enough to possibly try some regular dishes next time.

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      We scheduled an office lunch there today. Well, thanks to the Bee the place will probably be mobbed. Now we have to go early. The owner also owns several restaurants in the Bay Area, including Macau Cafe in Richmond, that new dim sum place also in the Pacific Mall in Richmond, and The Kitchen in Millbrae. (I got all this from the free calendar I got at Macau Cafe.)

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        It seems that New Canton has always been busy, even before the Bee article. The crowds will probably flock there now, so get in early and grab a good table!

    2. Is it dim sum for both lunch and dinner? What about weekends?

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        Very very few places serve dim sum for dinner. New Canton serves it seven days a week, for lunch only.

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          Their dim sum is principally on weekends, 10 am - 2 pm. The vast majority of dishes are available then, with much less after 2. This is the usual time to eat it as well, it's not really an evening meal.