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Feb 22, 2007 08:22 PM

Mexico One Plate at a Time

I was hoping to hear some chowhounds opinons on the show.
Best Regards

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  1. We enjoy this show a great deal. Bayless is a wonderful travel host as well as teacher of Mexican cooking. I've learnt a lot about the background to the cuisine, the history and culture of the country. Of course, it's all Bayless all the time which might annoy some viewers.

    1. Does anybody have the companion cookbook? I've thought about buying it, but I'm wondering if it's worth it or if it only has a couple of good recipes.

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        It was November's cookbook of the month on the Home Cooking board. View all the discussion here:

        While I liked some of the recipes I tried in One Plate, I prefer his Mexican Kitchen. More interesting recipes w/ more detail and depth in the narrative. I like his PBS show alot and have been missing it now that my local station is no longer broadcasting it!

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          I have both Mexico: One Plate at a Time and Mexican Kitchen. The recipes are authentic and I've not had any disappointments. Well, there was the Pork in Tomatillo sauce I didn't like. Easy to follow with details on substituting hard to find ingredients.

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            The recipes in Mexico One Plate at a Time are well written and you'll get a pretty good results with them. However, it's not the best Rick Bayless book. Authentic Mexican, Mexican Kitchen and Salsas That Cook are all better.

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              The recipoies are for the basic and most common Mexican dishes, but its a very good cookbook. I have made at least a dozen of the dishes and have never had a bad meal.

              After some time with this one I moved to Mexican Kitchen which is much more detailed and has more interesting variations, but for your first foray into real Mexican cooking, One Plate at a Time is a great starting point.

            2. It's really a nice show and you learn a lot on a topic that is often misunderstood.

              1. I've liked this for some time now and it really sems to have stepped up a notch lately. The daughter is actually a good part of the show as opposed to the not missed Jacque Pepin & offspring series (and I'd watch him do anything).

                I tried the Pork/achiote/banana leaf recipe in my crockpot, it was very tasty. The pickled onions were the perfect foil.

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                  Scrapironchef, how can I get that recipe for conchinita pibil? I recorded that episode on Tivo but it got erased. I want to try the fire pit method but it sounds like a real guessing game as far as temp/cooking time.

                2. I enjoy the show mainly for the glimpses of various dishes served in Mexico that I have yet to find north of the border! From street carts with Hambergasas de Camarones to the place with the large pit with a myriad of assorted meats!!!