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Can't Miss If In Maui (Lahaina)

I'll be at the Westin hotel in Lahaina (Maui) for 6 days. Any can't miss recommendations for seafood, steak, and plate lunches while in Maui? Thank you all in advance!!!


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  1. Aloha Mixed Plate, located behind (oceanside) the Safeway.

    If you like eating tapas-style I would also HIGHLY recommend Mala (not far down the street from Mixed Plate). The variety and preparation is excellent and a really outstanding value, considering that it's Maui. Two of us had 4 small plates, dessert and a couple of glasses of wine and got out of there for about $100.

    1. I'll second Mala! Go early for a seat out on the patio, it's lovely!

      1. I'll third Mala. Went there after it had just opened and our family of six from a ten year old to grandparents were wowed. The 14 yr old said he had the best burger (Kobe) he had ever had. I seem to remember it had Fitz Maytag's blue cheese on it.
        I also happened to like Maui Tacos which is owned by the same guy. Better than Taco Bell :). For dinner the best meals I had were at the restuarants at the golf courses at Plantation and Sea Watch down a ways. Also had a good experience at IO

        1. It is worth the drive to Sansei up in Kapalua. Fabulous and inventive sushi. If you get there early (order by 5:30 or 6?) they take 20% off the bill.

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            Totally! I completely spaced on Sansei...my two fave places are Mala and Sansei.

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              There is also a Sansei in Kihei if that's more convenient...it is awesome.

          2. I also like the Aloha Mixed Plate. Here are a few pics of the place and the views from my visit there in January.

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              As for Aloha Mixed Plate it's got a great location and it's cheap but don't waste a big meal there--go for a beer and a small bite to eat.

              Mala was our favorite and we also enjoyed the Feast at Lele (even though it's alittle touristy it was memorable and many of the dishes were very good/excellent)

            2. Sansei in Kapalua is great, but not for sushi. Their cooked signature items - most appetizers - are the best!

              1. I have heard rave reviews for Mama's Fish House. Everytime I am on Maui, I intend to get there, but have yet to actually go! It's near Kahului in Paia.

                Link: www.mamasfishhouse.com

                1. I just got back from Maui 2 days ago. Aloha mixed plate wasn't too bad. I live in an area with decent plate lunches so I am biased. The price was about right because you do get a nice view. Sansei was good; well worth the visit as well as Vino the sister restaurant. Vino isn't a good value play because the dishes are small. The quality is good, though. Try to get to Sansei early- it fills up quick.
                  Lastly, I have mixed feelings about Mamas fish house. Yes, the food was fantastic and the view is certainly incredible, but the prices were just a bit too high for my taste. As long as you are aware of what you are getting into, it's fine. If you constantly think about prices, you might want to avoid Mama's as you probably won't have as good a time as other places. Plus, it's a bit of a drive from Kaanapali (1 hour). Alternatives to Mama's would be Nick's fish house at the Fairmont Wailea or the Paia fish house in Paia along the Hana highway. Note that those 2 are also a bit of a drive. Maui isn't that small!
                  I did have a decent ahi panini (served on baguette) at Pacific O' on the south end of Lahaina. The view is nice and the prices are respectable at lunch. The sandwich came with fries and was $14. I walked away full but I am not a huge eater-just average. The sister restaurant, I'O is pretty good as well. The chef was in house on a Monday night so that was a good sign. Some people have mixed reviews about Longhi's in Lahaina, but I thought it was just fine. The opakapaka (snapper) was the catch of the day and it was delicious. I think it was around $30 so the price is a bit steep since veggies were separate.
                  Also in Kapalua is the Honolua general store, which serves up some decent plate lunches. It's about 15 minutes away.
                  Someone mentioned Maui Tacos and I second that as an option. Living in So. Cal, I get great mexican food so Maui tacos pales in comparison but it is a respectable choice. Plus, they offer a decent sized vegetarian menu. Almost all items are under $9.
                  Lastly, might I suggest some Lappert's ice cream. They are a local chain that is worth trying out. The Kauai pie is my favorite (Kona coffee ice cream, macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, and fudge). Get a waffle cone for $4.50 total. It's worth it.
                  I hope these suggestions are helpful.

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                    I second Pacific O'. It's a beautiful location with seafood done scrumptiously.

                  2. Maalaea Waterfront for seafood is a must, make a reservation and get directions!

                    David Paul's in Lahaina is very good, expensive, but no view or special ambience if you are seeking that.

                    Lastly, Sam Sato's in Wailuku for hearty breakfast or plate lunch with no tourists in sight - unlike Aloha Plate Lunch. Again, get directions!