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Feb 22, 2007 07:41 PM

Tapas in vancouver

Is there any place for tapas in vancouver?

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  1. If you want type/kind of tapas you would get in Spain the answer is no. Lots of places serving "quasi" tapas.....smaller portions at hefty prices....

    1. Pollo seems a bit jaded. There are a lot of tapas places in Vancouver. Certainly when compared to Calgary where i currently live (Number of tapas places: um, 0). Yes, given that tapas is riding out its wave of trendiness, it is a bit pricier than normal dining, but i would say it's worth it.

      I used to go for tapas at the latin quarter on commercial, and it was always very nice. this was a few years ago, however.

      A few months ago, i also had a meal at Bin 942 on Broadway, and it was excellent. But it's very popular and charges accordingly.

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        Marcopolo - no idea why you think that I'm jaded? This is reality...if you ever had tapas in Spain then you would understand that the Vancouver and for that mater North American versions of "tapas" are not it. Bin 942 has decent food but it's pricey (~$15 per plate) and loud. Latin Quater - been there quite a long time ago and the food was not v. good....might have changed (I hope) for better since then....

      2. It is not the best in the world but for some solid tpas dishes, run by a Spanish family, with ceviche and sangria I have always liked, check out La Bodega on Howe.

        1. just went to La Bodega last week. Got tipsy over their yummy sangria. Ceviche and mushrooms is good - we also tried the rabbit, liver, prawns, - but don't remember much of it - maybe too much sangria....

          I hear Bin 941 (on Davie) is good - we tried going twice but they don't take reservations and its teeny and always packed - always 1 hour wait.

          1. There is also el Patio on Cambie and Smithe which is decent and also has good Sangria.