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Feb 22, 2007 07:08 PM

Found! Oaxacan Restaurant already in Escondido (+ extra Escondido info) I am down in Escondido today to pick up some Lobsters at Major Market which are on sale for $9/lb. I decide to swing by the Swap Meet because enterance is free today on Thursday.

The place was pretty empty compared to the weekends when you can hardly move around, vendors are pitching you left and right en espanol and the smoke of grilling asada fills the air.

Looked like just some of the produce people were open.

I wanted to take some pictures to post for these boards as a means to get you folks up to this part of town and check out Escondido's Mexican food scene. Thus far, I think Leucadian is the only one.

So I am taking some pictures of the closed restaurants in the food court area, and here comes the proverbial security guy running up telling me in broken english that its not allowed. A "Lo siento" and "No Mas" later I'm talking with the guy who turns out to be pretty cool and is from the Mecca of Carnitas: Uruapan, Michoachan.

I ask him where is his favorite place for comida in the swap meet. He says the magical words (in my mind) 'Birria de Chivo' at that Fiesta Oaxaquena restaurante down there, he points to the other side of the swap meet.

"What? There are more restaurants down there?" I ask him. I had never actually gone way over to the other side of the market. hmmmm....."Fiesta Oaxaqueno" you say?

He tells me go check it out...and I am off.

Turns out there is a second food court or alley at this swap meet....Lo and Behold I see the sign for "Restaurante Fiesta Oaxaquena." I am so happy! A secret Oax dive in SD!

I see two women inside doing preparation work --I strike up a conversation with one. I begin in my terrible spanish and she replies back in perfect english. Turns out her name is Lucy and she has lived in SD - Encintas, San Marcos, and Escondido for 20 years. She opened this restaurant 3 years ago.

We must have been talking for 20 minutes about everything possibly chow related. This woman is the epitome of passionate about the cuisine of her patrimony. She was surprised about me -a 20 year old young gringo- knowing about Oax. I explained my introduction through my Oaxaqueno co-cook and friend Francisco.

She told me that people pay the enterance fee to come to the swap meet just to eat her clayudas. She expressed her want to open a restaurant outside the SM. I asked her of the possiblity of teaching classes, she was enthuastic about willing to do so, should there be interest (!!!).

She makes different Oax guisados - even negro and Estafado! - my favorite.
Hate to break it to you but there was no chowing for me today here. Only Prep work is done thurs for the busy 3 day weekend at the Swap meet.

I am going this weekend. Anyone down for a chowdown?

Ive posted pictures on my flickr site for you guys to check out. Included also pics of a Tortilleria which I like for their Pina Tamales and the famous Rworange Paleteria.

Best Regards!

Ok Im tired.

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  1. Damn that sounds awesome.

    1. My hat's off to you. You have a nose for these things, that's obvious. Great write up, great find. When are you going back?

      1. Okay, details dude. Where is the swap meet, what are the hours and how much does it cost to get in. Can't do Saturday, but Sunday might be a real possibility. Did you happen to ask her about chapulines?

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        1. re: DiningDiva

          Ok, If you guys are coming on the 15 N: take the 78 E (Ramona) and get off on the first exit - Center City Pkwy. At the first light (Mission Ave.) make a right. Continue on Mission, till you see the big red Swap meet sign on your left - make that left. Turn into SM Parking lot.

          Its $1.50 or $1.75 to get in on Sat. or Sun. Not sure about hours. I've always gone in the afternoon.

          I'm down with Sunday.

          I forgot to ask about Chaupalines DD- but real deal with the asiento on the clayudas.

          1. re: kare_raisu

            7:00AM to 5:00PM on Sat and Sun,
            3:00PM to 9:30PM on Friday
            What time on Sunday?

            1. re: Leucadian

              Folks, we're all for in person meetups and great chow, but we ask that the communication & planning occur offline. We removed a bunch of posts going down that road.

              We ask someone here to take lead, post your email, and take this off site. Thank you.

              1. re: Leucadian

                Use SDChow, that's what it was set up for.


                To subscribe send an e-mail to
                Many of the frequent posters on this board are already members.

          2. re: DiningDiva

            This should answer your question:
            )Sorry I had to go today --- to check it out for you guys tommorow.

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