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Feb 22, 2007 07:05 PM

Does Dover Sole ever make it to L.A.?

Does the real stuff even exist anymore? I know it doesn't come to the US very often, but I was wondering if there was anywhere in the area that tries to make it a point of having some on the menu at some point.

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  1. I had Dover Sole at Lucques about a month ago. It was at one of their Supper Sunday's and I have to say it kind of sucked (was overcooked and a bit chewy).

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    1. re: Obessed

      Hate to break it to you but a $40 pre fix is not going to buy real dover sole. In fact, if you aren't paying $40 for an entree and it isn't served whole it is *extremely unlikely* to be real Dover sole.

      Some type of sole-like yes, but not Dover sole.

      The real stuff exists but but I would trust it to be served in LA. I've had it in London and NY within the last 2-3 years, real and priced to match.

      1. re: JudiAU

        How can they call it "Dover Sole" if it's not really Dover Sole? What was it I ate then? Just curious.

        1. re: Obessed

          Unfortunately, there are no effective restrictions on what you can call a fish. There are no true sole in the Pacific Ocean at all, and what is sold as "Dover sole," at least on the retail market, is a grossly inferior kind of little halibut-ish critter. I've actually had these melt into goo while I was cooking them! If any upscale restaurants really are preparing and selling the genuine article, they have to be flying them in from North Atlantic ports.

    2. I've had it a couple of times at Amici in Brentwood... at 35 bucks a plate.

      And, I think it was late last year I had it at La Cachette, but my memory may be failing how recent that was.

      1. The Grill in BH often has a delicous Dover Sole. Hard to imagine they're mislabeling it.

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        1. Had it at Vincenti. Slightly overcooked and very tasty. 38 bucks.

          Anyone had the Turbot for two at Providence? It's chilean, 42 a head if I recall correctly.

          1. The original comment has been removed