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Feb 22, 2007 06:40 PM

AYCE Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu: Still Exist?

I'm a sucker for all-you-can-eat buffets, and I used to love Sea Star in Alhambra. I like the variety with AYCE hot pots. With that said, can anyone recommend a good all-you-can-eat hot pot or shabu shabu place. I'm looking for San Gabriel Valley or San Fernando Valley. Let me know the price also.

I've already tried the 100 pound seafood or whatever it is called on the 2nd floor of Hong Kong Supermarket. It sucks and I was very lucky not to get food poisoning.

I've also tried the place in the corner of the Red Ant plaza on Valley and San Gabriel Blvd. The broth was too oily for my taste.

I love Little Sheep but just wish it was AYCE.

Any recs?

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  1. Though not is SGV or SFV, in Little Tokyo Kushi Shabu in Weller Court has an all you can eat Shabu Shabu for around $20.

    1. there is a place in sunny door to uncle chen's. it is ayce hot pot. you can have it with regular broth and also with spicy broth ( ma-la). $13.99pp and they also offer buy 2 get 1 free beers. quite the amazing deal!

      if anyone knows the name of this place in english, i will be eternally grateful.

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        I think it's Tan Yu Tou based on a board posting after it replaced the predecessor Bashu 12 Dishes. But you certainly can't tell the English name by visiting the place.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          thanks! i found a review of it on yelp. the resto is listed as amrose. weird translation eh? hahaha!

          1. re: wilafur

            Here's the L.A. Weekly review which uses the Tan Yu Tou name.


            1. re: Chandavkl

              great sleuthing chandavkl! i wonder if the name has been changed since the printing of the article in 2006. hmm...

      2. Does anyone know whether the one on the 2nd floor of the Focus Plaza in San Gabriel still exists? It was AYCE, and I think it was something like $7 for lunch, but this was maybe 3 years ago.

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          Seafood Hot Pot was replaced in 2006 by the restaurant out of Toronto, Fantasy Eatery.