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Feb 22, 2007 06:24 PM

First date ideas-Vancouver

Hi there,
Looking for a nice place for drinks. Preferably somewhere in South Granville.
Thank you!

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  1. Not sure of the Southness of it, but if 13th and Granville is in the crosshairs you should definitely hit the bar at West. The room is awesome, the service is awesome and the specialty cocktails at the back of the wine list are, guess what, awesome. Most awesome of all is the food, so if you wind up having something to celebrate down the road you can revisit the scene of the crime for an unforgettable meal. Read my review from last include our cocktails. My "Beet-nyk" was astoundingly good.

    1. Bogarts on Broadway between Pine & Fir is quite nice and usually has live jazz

      1. I live in the West Side, and would suggest a cab ride over the bridge to The Opus Hotel in Yaletown for REALLY good cocktails and a groovy atmosphere.

          1. How about Delilah's in the West End? Great martini list.