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Feb 22, 2007 06:04 PM

Good Pub/Lounge near Stella?

I am visiting the beautiful city of Boston early March, taking 7 or 8 customers out to Stella for dinner. We are looking to hang out afterwards, ideal proximity close to Stella or a short cab ride away. Can anyone help recommend some drinking establishments? Open to just about any suggestions, and thanks!

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    1. South End bars can be a challenge for a crowd that size; many places get packed in the evening, with not a lot of comfortable standing room. Stella's bar is nice, and the bartenders are occasionally good. Some ideas that walkable:

      Toro -- a tapas restaurant that's kind of a hotspot right now, rarely a good place to bring 8 people; it tends to be jammed. But the bartenders are surprisingly good.

      Pho Republique -- Pan-Asian restaurant with very cool atmosphere and good cocktails, attracts a hipster crowd, usually some artists who live nearby.

      Union Bar & Grill -- a sleek restaurant with a good bar, often excellent bartending. Not a lot of standing room.

      Tremont 647 / Sister Sorella -- a restaurant with two bars; Tremont 647 usually has the more senior, skilled bartenders, but less room. Also cramped when busy.

      Franklin Cafe -- another place that's too cramped to bring a big group, which is too bad, as it's one of the better bars in the neighborhood, and serves great food, too.

      The Red Fez -- a good bet: a mod Middle Eastern / North African restaurant with a roomy bar, giant cocktails, and cool atmosphere.

      J.J. Foley's -- good if you want a very casual hang, a nicer-than-average faux-Irish bar with a crowd of serious drinkers (cops, newspapermen, Gillette employees), good draft beers. Not at all trendy, and that's the way they like it.

      28 Degrees -- the anti-Foley's, a chic lounge-concept restaurant/bar with a self-consciously dressy crowd. Cocktail can be decent, but it's mostly about the scene. Can get uncomfortably crowded.

      Masa -- a Southwestern restaurant with a good bar, especially if you're a tequila aficionado, as it has one of the better selections in town.

      Wally's -- as suggested earlier, an always-hopping, somewhat divey bar with an interesting crowd and terrific live jazz. Kind of a neighborhood treasure, one of the last surviving places in the neighborhood to get a cheap drink. Usually jammed, but no one seems to mind.

      Anchovies -- the South End's other surviving cool, slightly-decrepit cheap bar. Another place with not a lot of elbow room if you bring a crowd.

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        excellent choices ! great feedback

        For 8 people to have enough room to drink, talk and not be too cramped, my choices would be Red Fez, 28 Degrees and Pho

      2. These are EXCELLENT, thanks!