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Feb 22, 2007 05:58 PM

Gumbo file in upper valley

Does anyone know where I can get Gumbo file in the Brattleboro Area. Also some recs for good cajun sausage would be helpful.

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  1. Just for future reference, Brattleboro isn't technically considered Upper Valley; that refers to the White River Junction / Lebanon / Hanover area.

    Have you tried the Brattleboro Co-op? They may not have file gumbo, but I know they have a good smoked andouille sausage back in the meat department. I use it (the sausage) quite often.

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      I consider bratt part of the Pioneer Valley or upper valley with greenfield and northampton. I seceded after too many years of Springfield being considered Southern Vermont by those in power in Burlington and Montpelier

    2. I would recommend ordering gumbo file from Penzey's spices. In fact, I'd recommend ordering ALL of your spices from Penzey's--they're amazing.

      Here's a link to the gumbo file page: