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Feb 22, 2007 05:51 PM

Fairmont, Miramar - Santa Monica

Anyone been to a wedding or event at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Looking to have our wedding reception in Sept 07, but not sure about the food. How was your overall experience, food, service etc?

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  1. I too am looking to have a wedding reception at the Fairmont in Santa Monica. Has anyone been to a wedding there?

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      have you considered having the reception at a nearby restaurant instead?

      just a thought...'i cugini' on ocean avenue supposedly does an amazing sunday jazz brunch buffet, so i'd imagine they could easily handle a private party...and it would be a great ocean-view spot for your celebration.

      unfortunately, i can't vouch for the food as i've never eaten there.

      anyone else have an informed opinion of the place...?

    2. Have not been to a wedding at the Fairmont, but have attended several conference events there which have included breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The food is generally good. Not the best hotel hotel catering around town, but decent enough and I remember some really good desserts. One of the meetings my work paid for... the comment from our coordinator was she thought the food was a little overpriced for what it was (comparing to other hotels like the Ritz in the Marina or Le Merigot), but we were also paying for a lot of rooms and meeting facilities, and those were more reasonable than the other places, so we were satisfied.

      The Fairmont is one of the places I put my out of town guests (easy access to 3rd St., etc). I really like it as an event location too. Generally the customer service has been good. Have had one or two little issues, but they are usually resolved by the front desk manager. Only real debacle I have seen is when they run out of parking (which happens more than it should) and they start turning away cars. To their credit, the hotel reimburses folks who have to park elsewhere, but it is a pain in the ass for those who are unfamiliar with the area to go looking for parking in downtown Santa Monica.

      I think it would make a fine wedding location (unless blowing away your guests with the food is goal #1 - then I would look elsewhere). The grounds are very nice.

      1. I was there for a high school reunion in September 2006.
        the room was a little decrepit,
        the food was not good- not horrid, but regular institutional chicken breast on a bed of mashed potatoes and baby veggies.
        oh, wait, the wilted salad was pretty bad......

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          Hey, me too. Pali High class of '76. The food was icky but I never expect much. It was worse than our previous two reunions held at the PCH site of the Jonathan Club. The facility seemed really dated but I didn't see much of it. It seemed dated 30 years ago when my h.s. boyfriend's family moved into a bungalow in the same hotel a month or two before we graduated because his sister burned their house down.

          1. re: Debbie W

            Beverly High class of '86.

            Oh yeah, the hallway to the event rooms smelled like cigarette smoke and B.O.

            sister burned the house down......accident or psycho??

          2. re: msmd310

            I was there in October 2006 for a high school reunion; my recollections match yours exactly.

          3. Well actually my wife and I were married there, a little over 10 years ago, back when it was the Sheraton Miramar.

            Beautiful garden area made for a nice outdoor setting. The staff was gracious and helpful, although at first they charged guests for mixed drinks, something they were not supposed to do, but we cleared that up quickly.

            The hors deurves were very good, we got a nice variety and made sure they kept them coming.

            The food for dinner was good -- but not great. We ordered a chicken with an orange glaze, asian flavors, wild rice and vegetables. I was a little apprehensive because when we did our tasting I was not at all impressed with some of the dishes, and a few were outright weird.

            We brought our own wedding cake (from Sweet Lady Jane) and were glad we did so.

            Overall it was a nice experience, they had the capability of easily handling 175 people which not every place can do. I know you can get better food/ service from other venues, so if that's your primary goal, you should keep looking. But when we combined everything -- especially value for the money because we paid the $25,000 wedding cost ourselves-- I think the Miramar pretty much delivered what we wanted.

            We went back a few months later for a Sunday brunch and it was disappointing, so as much as we would have wanted to have a place to return to for anniversaries, we chose other restaurants for this purpose.

            Best of luck to you. Planning out a wedding is a lot of work and you can be certain something will go wrong, but just roll with it, don't get too caught up in making every little thing perfect and you should have a great time.