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Feb 22, 2007 05:46 PM

Made in China?

I saw an add for this in NOW magazine, and I checked out the website and the prices are pretty good (9.99 "tasting menu" for soup appetiser and main with rice/noodle that the chef suprises you with). Has anyone been? If so, is it any good? Its at young and dundas.

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  1. I recently ate there. The food came in good-sized portions. I ordered the Shanghai Noodles, my boyfriend had the Mapo Tofu and we ordered a plate of seasonal vegetables to share. The Shanghai Noodles and the vegetables were both too salty --- someone in the kitchen went way too happy with the soya sauce and the oyster sauce.

    The presentation of the food was great.

    I walk by the place all the time and can't figure why it's always so empty.

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    1. re: chrisco

      hm, so I guess that wasn't the 9.99 tasting menu? just like normal a la carte right?

    2. yep, just normal a la carte.

      i also don't understand why the menu offers a lot of asian dishes that aren't "made in china."

      1. I'd say it's more Canadian-interpreted 'Chinese cuisine'. I don't say this with attitude, just as an observation. Went there and had the creamed-corn and chicken dish. The presentation is a little crazy but looks better than most Chinese restaurants. The chicken was fried, which was unexpected but the batter was pleasantly light.

        I didn't know we had gotten there on opening day and service was excellent (a little overattentive) but they had a very nice 'eager to please' attitude. The food is nothing exceptional but if you're looking for a quick Chinese meal that won't cost too much then it's not a bad place to be. They certainly did a fantastic job with the furnishings.

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        1. re: artificialard

          yah it looks nice.thanks for the review!

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            now i'm curious about which dishes you consider canadian-interpreted chinese. first hearing about this place, by name only... not surprised if it is canadianized chinese food. but something like cream corned and chicken speaks to my childhood which might be a little more in the direction of a hong kong influence. granted, the chicken was never fried but more so braised in the corn sauce. mmm... nostalgia.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Yes, I think because I'm from Hong Kong I have a similarly nostalgic sense of Chinese (and particularly HK-style diner dishes). Basically when I got the creamed corn dish I'm used to a very thick sauce with lots of corn and just chunks of chicken cooked within that drowns a bed of rice. It tends to be very sweet as well, which I enjoy.

              This preparation first had a lot less sauce, just a light layer over the sauce and was a great deal thinner. And as I mentioned the chicken was separately fried in thin light battered strips. Interesting, but definitely not HK style. I wish I had taken a picture just because their style of presentation is just very different: they use very large plates but fill it almost to the edge, and then like to sprinkle something (mine was spring onion, my companions was sweet sauce) like 'confetti' like ALL over the plate. I again didn't mind it but it was funny - like something for a child.

              I don't think I even answered your question but I think for me Canadian-Chinese is anything that doesn't fit within what I know to be Chinese food that I've tasted. Kind of unfair, but it's fairly accurate...

              I wish there were more true HK-diners downtown that served items like that. There are several Chinatown recs I got but they always look so dingy. Oh well.

              1. re: artificialard

                Reminds me of the corn and fish dish (the same translucent corn sauce but with fried white fish pieces, grouper)... but with chicken in place of the fish

          2. I tried this place for dinner last night and had the tasting menu. For my 9.99 I got hot and sour soup, fried wing/fried dumpling/fried spring roll appetizer, and for mains: mango salad, chinese tenderloin and green curry with chicken.

            Overall a satisfying meal in a nice bright space. Was it the best food ever? Maybe not, but enjoyable never the less and a fun concept.

            Perfect for those days/nights when you aren't quite sure what you are happy to be surprised.

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            1. re: cas_TX

              you got all of those dishes for 9.99?

              1. re: hungryabbey

                Yep. I ended up taking the green curry, tenderloin and rice home. They weren't huge portions, but all decent sized, so after the soup, appetizer and the mango salad I was pretty much finished.

                They also offer "all day specials" for 5.99 (includes your choice of fountain drink). They have different dishes on special each day.

                1. re: cas_TX

                  hm thats pretty good , even if its not the best quality.

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    I described it as the ipod shuffle of chinese food...for those times you know you want a generic chinese food experience, but don't really konw what...sort of like a step up from buffet combined with the fun of a lucky dip package.