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Feb 22, 2007 05:16 PM

Tony's Mexican Grill...Fabulous!

Following some advice found herein, The Husband and I recently had dinner at Tony's Mexican Grill ( and it was wonderful! I had the most delicious fish burrito filled with amazingly tasty and fresh mahi mahi. My mate had a combo plate replete with a taco and a burrito along with an enchilada on the side, and he was also a happy camper. Along from the great food, I have to praise the service...very friendly and attentive. It's not a swanky spot, but one of the few restaurants in recent memory which I've visited and left absolutely satisfied on all accounts (it didn't hurt that we managed, upon arrivial, to snag one of the few parking spots). So, a shout-out to Tony's!

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  1. Tony's doesn't use lard, an essential ingredient in authentic Mexican food. The best way to ruin a tamal is make the masa without it.

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      I used to agree with you. I still buy traditional tamales made with lard from a number of places on the Eastside. Then I tried Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe across from MacArthur Park. They make wonderful tamales from all over Latin America and all with no lard!

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        I don't think Tony's sells tamales. And it is a good restaurant -- a shame about the completely miserable parking situation.