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Feb 22, 2007 05:14 PM

Bread sticks/Breadsticks

I used to get big, dry, rustic (lumpy, and sometimes a little too thick or thin or scorched) and delicious breadsticks from, I think, Malvina's bakery in North Beach. A few other places carried them as well, including at least one in Berkeley. Do they still exist? Does anyone know where I can get them or similar breadsticks in the Berkeley area? I want to take some to an S & B on Saturday.

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  1. Okay, the most fantastic breadsticks I ever had were the Parmesan encrusted ones at Hyde Street Bistro when Albert Rainier ran it. I scarfed those babies up. Does he have similar at his Fillmore Grill?

    1. Does Cheeseboard at Berkeley has them? In SF, I've been getting breadsticks from Noe Valley Bakery.

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        Thanks for the suggestion, Anna. That's about the only place in Berkeley I didn't look for breadsticks during the past couple of days. I'll have a look or give them a call.

        1. re: Miss Otis

          I can see the basket ... I can see the breadsticks ... I can't remember where.

          Someone once mentioned Feel Good made good pumpkin seed breadsticks.

          OK, have you tried some of these places
          - SemiFreddi
          - Bread Workshop on Univeristy (I'm thinking this is the place)
          - The pasta shop (college or 4th St)
          - A.G. Ferrari
          - Zari's on Solano
          - That Italian deli on Telegraph next to the Walgreens across the street from BakeSale Betty's.

          I might be at Bianca's Deli this week and if I see any there I'll post.

          In SF, I know for sure Danilo's Bakery on Green St (next to Golden Boy Pizza) has them and they would be exactly what you want.

          Lucca Deli carries them and the picture seems like exactly what you want. I THINK they are the ones from Cuneo Bakery ... but I'm blanking on where that bakery is located.

          You can make arrangements with TownsEnd to buy breadsticks, but they are more the long skinny type.

          Up the street from Danilo is some sort of Italian bread bakery that probably has them. Can never recall the name because I like Danilo better ... Italian French bakery or somethig like that.

      2. Miss Otis or anyone,

        Gott any solid leads on Berkeley breadsticks? I'm dialing around, looking for breadsticks i can pick up fresh on Sunday for a party. Yummy skinny ones I can wrap jamon around. ...packing up to move back down the hill into our old house in the flats, yay. don't want to drive all over the Everywhere to get stuff, but you know, I want it to be fresh and amazing. what can i say? I live in Berkeley - it's The Law! thanks.

        1. I've heard great things about the breadsticks they serve at Perbacco in SF. If you order a plate of their house cured meats (salumel, proschutto), apparently the combo is heaven. I had to cancel my reservation for yesterday, but I still plan to try it myself sometime soon.