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Feb 22, 2007 04:57 PM

Good moussaka in Philly

I'm looking for a great version of moussaka somewhere in Philly or the immediate surrounding areas. Can be in a sit down restarant or prepared foods/take-out. Just needs to be tasty. :)

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  1. My husband raves about Effies. I have not had it, but he highly recommends it.

    1. dmitri's at 23rd/pine has moussaka and the portions are HuGE. it's quite good...

      1. What? No one mentioned the "Father" of Philly Greek restaurants... South St. Souvlaki?

        And talk about a bargain, we did Tom's Dinner Special last week again. One Appetizer (HUGE), TWO greek Salads, 2 Entrees (A HUGE Tuna Steak - greek style or me; The stuffed Eggplant for my partner, HUGE portion of potatoes, Huge portion of stewed veggies, 2 desserts (we both had great rice pudding) and 2 coffees. $30.00! (That's for TWO!). Only good Tues-Thursday. Closed Mondays (AND January AND August.. Tom goes away!)

        Steve R

        1. Ok, so Ocean City NJ isn't super close to the city, but if you are out there anyway, of if you don't mind the drive (which wouldn't be bad right now), try Katina's. They have the best Greek everything, and my favorite dish there happens to be the moussaka. Of course you can't go wrong there, whatever you order.

          1. How about the Greek Lady at 40th and Locust?