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Feb 22, 2007 04:48 PM

Bagels and Late Night

I'll be visiting in a few weeks and was wondering about a good bagel place near 48th and 8th Ave. I want to be able to grab something before jumping onto the subway. I'm from California and I've always been told that NY bagels are the best, I'd like to find out why. I might try and hit Ess-A-Bagel and/or H&H if I wind up near them, but I don't think I'll be able to make a special trip. I'm doing tourist stuff and we will be on a tight schedule. Two days to see NYC.

I'd also appreciate a nice place for Late Night in the same area. Anything interesting open in the Theater area after 11? Any cuisine.

And thanks to all posters on this board. I've used the search function on this board to pick Esca and Peter Luger's for our two dinners for this trip.

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  1. Funny that I was just going to start a thread on bagels. I'll be in town in a few weeks and wanted to know the best places to go for bagels. Where does not matter (so long as they are in Manhattan), they only need to be the best.

    1. Hope some chowhounds respond to this thread, as I am still looking for what they consider to be the best place to grab a bagel in the West 40's/50's and 6th,7th,8th,and 9th...Know that this is not the BEST area, but still need recommendations...

      1. So...I'm staying in a bagel wasteland?

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          h&h are good bagels but i've had better. this may just be your best bet b/c they are located on W46th and 11th and they are open 24 hrs everyday. these bagels will definitely give you a good idea of a ny bagel. if you go, ask them for something that is hot. here's the website for h&h :

          i tried ess-a-bagel for the first time yesterday down in gramacy park. the bagel was way too thick and tasteless. i got one with cream cheese and could barely open my mouth wide enough to bite the bagel. it then felt like a rock in my stomach.

          unfortunately, the best bagels are really in the outer boroughs. i grew up eating them. nj also has the best bagels. i'm talking boiled bagels that are crispy on the outside , soft on the inside and have crust with bubbles.

          try and do a search for W40s and W50s. then click on bagels and you'll see there aren't too many choices in that area. bagel and bean looks good but i've never been there. i could recommend other places but they are nowhere near midtown. btw, h&h's W46th location will not pop up on menupages but they definitely exist

          good luck and have fun!!

          1. re: nativeNYer

            Just a quick note: H&H is on 46th and 12th. Definitely the best in the area. However, if you happen to jump on the 1/9 train or the A,C and stop at 72nd (west), I highly recommend 72nd Street Bagel between Columbus and Amst/Broad. And while not the best food in the neighborhood -- Pigalle (a french brasserie of sorts) is open 24 hours. I believe that it is on 8th and 49th or so.

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              thnx for the correction AND i have to second 72 nd street bagel. not the best i have had but i live down the block and drop in for an everything bagel often.

          2. re: thirtyeyes

            In my opinion, the best bagels in the city are at Empire City Bagels on 24th and 6th...I dream about them!


          3. I'm writing this for my 8 year old daughter: Although I tried Ess-a-Bagel with my Dad, I prefer Bagel Bob's mini bagels on University Place. Signed-Guttergourmet's Daughter

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              Dear Guttergourmet's Daughter,
              You have good taste. I didn't like Ess-a- Bagel either but have heard great things about Bagel Bob. So, now I will have to head over to University Place to try those bagels.

            2. I have heard some dissenting voices on this one, but I am a HUGE fan of Times Sq Hot Bagels on 44th between Broadway and 8th Ave, across from the Nokia Theater...and I post about it frequently. I'm not a fan of Ess-a-Bagel, and I downright don't like H&H Bagels very much (the dough is too sweet, and the crust isn't crusty enough). Times Square Hot Bagels is an outpost of what used to be Columbia Hot Bagels (RIP), which consistently rated among New York's best bagels in the 90s. They haven't changed at all, as far as I can tell.

              Alternately, I also like Murray's Bagels (one outpost in Chelsea, one in the West Village) and Tal Bagels (they're a bunch of these). Also, since the demise of the original Columbia Hot Bagels, Absolute Bagels is the best uptown bagel, it's around 108th and Broadway.

              And your late night question:::A stroll along 9th Ave in that area will turn up lots of good late-night eating of all kinds. Also, the Russian Vodka Room on 52nd and 8th Ave serves food well into the wee hours, and it's not bad...especially if you start out with a few vodkas. I like the potatoes with wild mushrooms, the duck liver pate with cognac, gravlax with potato pancakes, and the selection of caviar (when I'm there on an expense account). The menu is one of those oddly translated things, and sometimes what you get is not quite what you expected from the description, but not in a bad way...and it's more of a menu for late-night grazing rather than entrees. It's also a suitably strange place (piano bar, occasional Russian mobsters and molls) to look around and think, "Is this for real?"

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                I must have missed this posting, ballulah, especially with regard to Times Square Bagels. Squid Kun just mentioned this in his/her post but, until then, i did not know they are the former owners of Columbia Bagels. Good to know! Thanks.
                Too bad they close by 11pm.