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Feb 22, 2007 04:23 PM

Any good Greek places in South Jersey?

I'd like to find some good Greek food here in South Jersey. Cherry Hill, Marlton, Deptford areas. Nothing expensive, just really good authenic Greek fare.


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  1. i know you ask south jersey but there is a new place in Woodbridge -- Taste of Athens. Cannot vouch for food but do know owner is Greek.

    1. You should be happy at Athens Cafe on Rt 70, Cherry Hill. It's BYOB, pleasant, and the food is good enough that I've been going there regularly for 20 years or so!

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      1. re: johnpm

        Do they have the real-deal Gyro on the spit there?

        1. re: jonfoxx

          I've never seen the spit, but the gyro looks and tastes authentic. They also have a charcoal grill which makes the pitas perfect.

      2. I'd second Athens Cafe. Wonderful food and service. The owner seems permanantly seated at a table, sipping espresso and greeting the regulars. Reasonable prices.

        1. Try Onassis Cafe on Haddonfield-Berlin Road in Cherry Hill (Across from Wegman's / Cheesecake Factory / etc. shopping center). The owner is the same owner of Cafe Zesty in Conshohocken. Excellent Greek food as well as outstanding whole grilled fish. It's BYOB, too.

          1. Very good Greek food at Olympia in Vineland Nj. Located on Delsea drive. Family owned for years and an area favorite. Best moussaka and pastitsio.