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Best Cheesesteak in a chain??

I am craving a really good cheesesteak and want to know what chain makes it the best. I have been checking out some menus and I see Cheesecake Factory, Champps, Chili's are some of the places that offer it. I'd bet the Cheesecake Factory and Champps make a pretty good one since their food in my opinion is usually very good. And I am sure CF's is enormous like everything else. Anybody try these or have any suggestions for anywhere else?

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  1. Actually, I really like Chili's, it the only thing I order there. Well, that and a nice cold draft,

    1. I think Dave and Buster's has a great cheesesteak.

      1. Thanks guys, anyone else have some advice for me??

            1. I just tried Cheesecake Factory's cheesesteak. It was actually rather small, especially for a CF item. It wasn't all that good, either, and for $10 I'd rather go to a mom & pop cheesesteak place.

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                Really that's surprising since everything there is usually tasty and huge. I was hell bent on trying it but thanks for the input.

              2. There used to be a chain out here called Mr. Philly. I don't know if it still exists. I just remember a greasy but tasty abomination so stacked with meat you could barely feel a bun underneath it.

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                  We had one Mr. Philly location.We ordered sandwiches that were barely edible. The store lasted less than a year.
                  One victory for the hinterland!

                2. LOL :o I swear I can read! I thought this said CHEESECAKE! Sorry!

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                    Thanks for the clarification - you had me thinking what?!

                  2. Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory does a pretty decent one, for a chain that is.


                    Jerry's Subs and Pizza as well.


                    But I've had better at some Chinese restaurants, actually. Certainly better than some of the family-style bigname chains. Better prices too.

                    1. I have been to Geno’s, Pats, and Jim’s in Philly. For a chain in So. Cal I like Philly's Best from time-to-time. For the money it is actually very good. http://www.eatphillysbest.com/

                      If that don't work then Try Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub
                      507 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245, (310) 726-9638 Get the big one.

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                        Any recs for a sit down chain....ala CF, Champps, etc.