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Feb 22, 2007 04:22 PM

Best Cheesesteak in a chain??

I am craving a really good cheesesteak and want to know what chain makes it the best. I have been checking out some menus and I see Cheesecake Factory, Champps, Chili's are some of the places that offer it. I'd bet the Cheesecake Factory and Champps make a pretty good one since their food in my opinion is usually very good. And I am sure CF's is enormous like everything else. Anybody try these or have any suggestions for anywhere else?

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  1. Actually, I really like Chili's, it the only thing I order there. Well, that and a nice cold draft,

    1. I think Dave and Buster's has a great cheesesteak.

      1. Thanks guys, anyone else have some advice for me??