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Feb 22, 2007 04:12 PM

Best cut at Del Frisco's????

I hear a lot of people say that the best cut they serve is the ribeye. I really love steak and am always in the neighborhood of Del Frisco's. I love a good ribeye as much as any steak lover, but I wanna know what their specialty is. (Ex. We all know Luger's is the Porterhouse). I always wanted to try it so I would love to hear some suggestions on what their best steak is. I also see they serve a Double Eagle Strip which they characterize as a 26 oz bone in strip steak. Sounds pretty crazy....Also what are the better sides. Thanks for the advicee

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  1. do yourself a favor and don't go. the steak is mediocre at best. go to any of the other steak houses before here; i had a terrible meal there about a month ago. my suggestion: go to either keen's or the strip house or even wolfgangs (which i dont care for too much) before going to del frisco's.

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      Wow, really what did you have and what was so bad about it?

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        it was the whole experience. it was loud, steak was ok, not great (not cooked to proper temperature) and i felt very rushed the whole time. to be honest, i felt like i was in a bad chain restaurant in jersey. i had raw oysters to start and they were pretty fishy and the waiter never mentioned what type they were. steak was eh, sides were basic steak house fair, everything was very very salty and the drinks were very watery.

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      1. Del Frisco's is great. Have eaten there several times and at one in Orlando. Get the NY strip, medium rare, with the chateau potatoes and a salad with blue cheese chunks the size of golf balls. There is nothing in the world wrong with this steak...except that after about 20 minutes it is gone.

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          Is that the double eagle one they talk about?

        2. I would have to agree with jon and avoid. The steaks are just OK but both times I went were under cooked. When I called over the waiter he told me to cut open the steak and place it cut side down on the plate. "The plate is so hot it will cook it more" That should say it all.

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            That is really hilarious. Either you got the worst service ever, or they were trying a new Korean BBQ/American steakhouse fusion idea out that night.

          2. i've been there often for lunch. the steaks are good but i would never go there on my own. i really don't appreciate the servers asking people to cut through the steak (at a high-end steak house). shouldn't the grill men be able to feel when it's cooked to the desired temp.?