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Feb 22, 2007 03:59 PM

Chicken wins in Leesburg?

looking for the best wings in town just moved from florida help my craving please.

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  1. Not in Leesburg, but I suggest you try Bungalow in Chantilly (intersection of Rts 28 & 50, just east of 28 on the east side of the big shopping center. Sort of across from Taco Bell.

    There's a Buffalo Wing Factory chain in the area as well. Decent, but for calling themselves a wing factory it should be better.

    Lastly, you should get to know Jimmy's in old town Herndon. Jimmy is from Buffalo. I think the wings are actually one of the weaker things on the menu, but I say that to indicate how good the rest of the menu is. It should be noted that they do a Friday fish fry.