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Feb 22, 2007 03:37 PM

8 people in San Clemente

Recs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (for this weekend) are appreciated. The group is mostly visiting midwesterners (who are seeing their Marine son/grandson off to Iraq), and their palates are stereotypically narrow. Their favorites back home are Weber Grill and Olive Garden. Please give me some mid-priced, decent choices that I can recommend so we don't end up at Olive Garden and Chili's every day!

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  1. I am an avid patron and fan of the fish tacos from Pedros Tacos in Fallbrook. Their original location is San Clemente. I cannot tell you if Pedros or El Taco Nazo is the winner for my personal favorite, mind altering fish taco. (Best for lunch)

    Have Fun!

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      Thanks, KR. You really get around! I wouldn't have thought of fish tacos; thanks for the "regional cuisine" idea. We made them a big carne asada last time they were out, and they were blown away. Fish tacos should be perfect.

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        Just know that, unless I'm way off, Pedro's Tacos is a drive-thru Taco stand. I don't think they have seating for 8, but I've found them to be pretty good if take-out will work.

        I'd second any rec for Sonny's (on PCH). Decent Italian. Also Fratello's (on Avenida de los Mares/Estrella) used to be Peppino's). We've been pleasantly pleased with Harbor House Cafe (on PCH in Dana Point) - open 24 hours, very large, basic good 'diner' food (just avoid Friday and Saturday nights as every teen thru 25 in the area seems to be there).

    2. I enjoy the Sugar Shack in San Clemente for breakfast. Large portions, good food, and the best breakfast around SC IMO. I wish your Marine good luck.


      1. In San Clemente we've had decent luck eating at The Fisherman. It's located on the left side, at the base of the San Clemente pier. Decent seafood and a great location on the beach, and not overly expensive.

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          I'm pretty sure this is too late for the OP, but I second the rec for The Fisherman. Get a bucket of clams and a bloody mary and sit out on the patio (you can also sit at the bar and patio area on the right side of the pier, it's all the same restaurant). They have a decent clam chowder. The fish dishes can be a hit or a miss. I've had a couple enjoyable plates, but sometimes they overcook the fish and I'm no fan of dry fish.

        2. I wouldn't think of going to San Clemente and not stopping at Mr. Pete's to get an order of zucchini frys.

          1. good recs for the most part, though some lack seating and/or atmosphere? For good mexican, try La Siesta. I think they even have Mariachis playing friday & saturday nights.