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Feb 22, 2007 03:19 PM

Amazing food in LA for under $25 a person?

I find a few good places
John O Groats
Italian Medditerranian Deli

Where else?

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    1. Brents Deli is northridge(and westlake now, as well).
      Vegan Glory on fairfax
      Casa Bianca pizza
      Lotería! Grill in the farmers market
      Bamboo Inn in sherman Oaks
      Zankou chicken
      yang chow
      Philippe the Original

      1. Roscoe's!!

        I must be on the wrong message board...is $25 considered cheap?

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          I think the OP must mean a fantastic meal that would cost about 75 to 100 smackers per person at a yuppie restaurant.

          1. Gorikees in Woodland Hills
            California Chicken Cafe
            La Vie in Rosemead