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Feb 22, 2007 03:03 PM

Food souvenirs from Beloit area?

I am visiting my daughter at Beloit College next weekend. Not much of a restaurant town, I know. I'd like to bring back some food stuffs for the rest of the family that are regional specialties not available in New England. Shopping is pretty limited to supermarkets, I guess although I will have a rental car. Any suggestions? Last time I was there I discovered CoCo Wheats--chocolate cream of wheat, which is a complete--and welcome--novelty here. Any other suggestions? Prosaic is fine.

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  1. I first had cheese curds when visiting Madison. From what I can tell, fried cheese curds are preferred in Minnesota while those in Wisconsin eat fresh cheese curds. Fresh cheese curds squeek in your teeth.

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      Thanks. My daughter told me about these, including the squeaking part. Guess I'll have to buy some.

    2. If you are packing a cooler, consider some of the great bratwurst and sausages to be found in stores. Kringle are also carried in a lot of stores and are a large pastry that is shrink wrapped and can withstand the suitcase. I would have added maple syrup but that sounds a bit ridiculous to haul to New England.

      1. To get a true Kringle you will have to drive to Racine and in my opinoion get a Pecan one from Bendtsens. A bit of a drive but in my opinion you will get raves from people back home. It is a taste treat. I live in Racine right by Kringle alley so I know which ones are the best.

        1. You are hop skip and a jump from some great cheese factories over by Brodhead and Monroe. If uou look under Green County Tourism, you will find the links.

          1. There's an Amish bulk food store just west of town that may have some items not found back home.
            Kaufman's Country Store
            9550 West State Road 81 Beloit
            I second the stops in Brodhead and Monroe and I'd add Dodgeville and New Glarus to your little tour. Landjaeger is a Swiss dried sausage (in these parts) that I think is quite a treat and probably not found back home. http://www.ruefsmeatmarket.com/ and next door is my favorite bakery in the state. http://www.newglarusbakery.com/ Dodgeville is home to an artisan cheesemaker whose name escapes me but one of the cheeses was declared best in the U.S. in its category. It also has a Land's End outlet that might be worth a stop.