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Feb 22, 2007 02:20 PM

Chevap chi chi (Serbian sausage)

I bought this on Arthur Ave. (Bronx, NY) I know it's supposed to be grilled ... any suggestions for what to serve with it? Anyone know what it's made of?


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  1. When I have ordered this at Serbian restaurants, it has typically been served with tons of sliced raw onions, some tomatoes, some hearty bread, and beer. It's wonderful...

    1. Yum, cevapcici!

      Yes, raw onion, bread, and beer are definitely traditional accompaniments. I prefer the onions diced.

      Other things that go well:

      --Cabbage salad (green cabbage, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper)
      --Roasted sweet red peppers--try roasting/charring a hot pepper, like a serrano, too. :)
      --Shopska salad: onion, tomato, cukes, banana pepper, feta

      Also, some parts of the Balkan serve cevapcici with "bukovska piper." It's dried, roasted, crushed red pepper. You can have this hot or mild. You literally take a cooked cevap and dunk it, coating it in the pepper. It offsets the meat perfectly.

      Technically a cevap isn't a sausage. It's more like a lula kabob---minced/ground meat that's shaped like a log and then grilled (sans skewer).

      Raise a glass of beer and say "Ziveli!" :) Enjoy 'em. They're great.