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Jamaican Food Places??

Hello all, I used to go to a place in Adams Morgan that had great Jamaican Food but I heard they have closed down. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in DC or NOVA. I am looking for the staples: Ox Tail, Jerk and Curry Chicken. Thanks..

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  1. The Islander Caribbean on U Street does a great job with the oxtail and their "brown beef stew". Their peas and rice and plantains are right on. They also have rotis, though I haven't had them. But don't be in a hurry, because the service is authentically "casual."

    1. Jamaica Jamaica in Herndon has all three. It's a takeout with a few tables; everything is in the warmer ready to serve. They run out of jerk chicken pretty early during the lunch rush. It's very homey stuff and as the hand-written sign on the wall warns, real Jamaican food, watch out for bones.

      1. There is a pretty good Jamaican place on H st NE, at 4th. The ox tail stew is very good, as is the jerk chicken sandwich. Its takeout only though.

        1. If you get to Baltimore, try Ras Doobie de Chef. It is downtown near the Babe Ruth Museum (200 block of Penn St.). It is very unique, more like eating in someone's living room, but the food is tops and mega cheap.

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            The bad news - the place is now under new ownership as the Penn Street Tavern, and Ras Doobie is no longer in the kitchen (apparently a long and complicated story). The good news - the food is still Jamaican, still good portions at reasonable prices, and still very good, just a bit different than Doobie's style. Give it a try!

          2. Just up the red line in Silver Spring is Negrill. I think there may be one in Bethesda as well, but am unsure. I know you said DC or NoVA, but a short subway ride will get you there.

            1. Check out Shoppers Food, for frozen patties, plaintains, and rice and peas.. DC will never rival Brooklyn, NY or Miami for restaurants, but you can create your own at Shoppers. On Redland Road in Rockville, try Blue Mountain Cafe
              15855 Redland Rd Rockville, MD, 20850 301-926-6666

              1. Try Negril, they actually have a couple of stores. My favorite is in Silver Spring. But they also have one in DC on Georgia Ave (202) 332-3737. They have great ox tail and jerk chicken (both sandwich and meal).

                1. I like Tropicana on Florida Avenue over by Howard University. They have some of the best patties and jerk chicken around. There's usually a line around lunch time, but it goes by pretty quick.

                  Here's a link to their menu: http://washingtondc.menupages.com/res...

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                    I second the recommendation for Penn Street Tavern (nee Ras Doobie's) in Baltimore. A group of four of us went there for the first time two weeks ago assuming it to be Doobie's until I saw on Chowhound several days later that Ras was no longer there. Fantastic stewed brown chicken, and marvelous oxtail. It's the real deal.