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Feb 22, 2007 01:58 PM

MSP Signature Cafe-going tonight!

I've never been, have read all the posts I can find, and am curious if anyone has gone recently. Are there any "must-haves" stored away on a chowish neuron? I go in two hours, so hopefully someone is reading this :)

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  1. Ask Nathalie what she suggests. I've narrowed things down a few times, and let her pick. (She'll tell you why too!) If you have questions, ask - she'll be more than happy to explain what goes into a dish, and give you a pretty detailed explanation as to how it is prepared.

    I had to laugh one time when she asked someone how they wanted their scallops cooked, the customer replied, "How does the chef reccomend it?" She laughed and said, "I'm the chef - medium rare."

    1. I am quite fond of the Tuscan pot roast, if it's still on the menu. But I second Danny's suggestion, too.


      1. I've been curious about Signature Cafe, but we have never gone. Do you recommend it? What are the special dishes? How is the service, e.g, friendly and attentive??Tell me why we should hie ourselves there!!