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Feb 22, 2007 01:45 PM

Nobu: Gourmet Japanese Rest. in Solana Beach

Is this associated with the famous Nobu restaurant in Vegas, LA, NY, etc? The ones associated with Nobuyuki Matsuhisa?

Either way, who has been there? How is it?


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  1. Here's a recent review on Chowhounds:

    The restaurant's website:

    My husband and I went there almost every Friday night for almost a year - this was probably two years ago. It's a very interesting scene - it was usually quite busy and lively. The sushi was very good. What turned us off and sent us elsewhere was a very uncomfortable feeling that we got - hard to put our finger on it. The last night we went there, we felt overcharged and almost disrespected by the waitstaff and our regular sushi chef - after a year of regular patronship and tabs of more than $100 for two (and good tipping) we expected to be treated better. We've never gone back.

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    1. re: happensatonce

      Same thing happened to us basically... it started becoming far too expensive and the quality was inconsistent. Kaito in Encinitas is superior.

      kare raisu, what happened to Ike? He was always great to us.

      1. re: Pablo

        I hadnt been to Nobu in about a year, then I make it there - find out from the waiter he resigned the day before. ;(

        1. re: Pablo

          I found Ike-san, he's at Kaito! It was great seeing him again, he seems very happy!

      2. Havent been back since Ike my sushi chef left. He made it my favorite sushi restaurant.

        1. i haven't been to nobu in about 4 years. it used to be my go to place when i lived up in cardiff and encinitas. i always wondered if it was still good, but it sounds like its gone down hill a bit.
          but speaking of nobu has anyone tried their version of a crunchy roll? its not the usual shrimp tempura that's rolled up. it has this interesting green wrapper that kind of puffs up and looks bumpy like goose bumps. i always wondered what that was.

          1. have been going to nobu for well over 10 years. have weathered some chef changes and was disappointed that ike left. yagi (try his "DGR") has been our main chef though for several years. it may be a bit pricey but we think the quality is excellent.

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            1. re: ibstatguy

              I stopped going there about 4 years ago after on one visit it smelled "fishy", not a good sign in a sushi restaurant where everything needs to be fresh. I prefer Station Sushi a couple of blocks north. Lots of "contemporary" rolls and good values. It's usually mobbed, as well.